The Lady Anns Christmas Party 2015
From Midnight 18th Dec to Midnight 19th December

Its a time of year to bring us all together to celebrate another year of the hot fun we all enjoy in Lady Anns's throughout the year

On this day we will have all the usual hot events of the week ... the auctions, the hot erotic dancers and the body shots. These will all have a special xmas twist to them

Also we will be featuring during the day The Mistletoe Booth and Sexy Santa.

For the xmas cocktails Click Here

The Misteltoe Booth

A kissing booth run in the open room

1       One person will stand under the mistle toe and wear a blue font

2       Any one within the persons limits can then kiss them

Kisses are mouth to mouth ..... keep it sexy but classy!!... No Guy On Guy Kissing

Hugging ok ... touching of breasts and genitals with hands not ok ........

The person in the booth will be there for time slots of 15 minutes. Admins can allocate extra slots to run on or after others on the list

See an admin if you want to be placed in the booth ........admins will ask for volunteers in the day ...... they will keep lists of those wishing to be in the booth and those wishing to kiss them and will call the order of people
Sexy Santa

1       People nominate the gift they want to give , it can be sexual or other wise

2       A competition will then be held to find who will receive the gift See Here

A list will be drawn up of gifters and what they are offering

During the day auctions will be held of the gifts. Before the auction interest will be tested with a simple show of hands. Only regulars will be allowed to bid

Those wishing to make a gift should see an admin

Normal room rules apply ......make it fun ...but please keep it respectful and classy

The Gift List A List of gifts during the day ( more on the day)

1. D r a z - VIP dance( for women only )
2. pvclucygirl - 30minutes in a room upstairs
3. Poppy England - VIP dance( for men only )
4. laurabeforeyou - 30minutes in a room upstairs
5. Heart1226 - 30minutes in a room upstairs
6. Kelleen - 30minutes in a room upstairs

For Vip Dances Click Here
For upstairs rooms Click Here
For Auction Rules Click Here
Secret Santa

1 Virtual gifts can be as extravagant as you like eg. priceless works of art, vintage cars etc

2 Anyone who wishes to participate will be given a gift to choose for a particular person, they will also receive a gift

3 1st step is to inform Draz that they wish to participate and their name will appear below

4 Deadline for volunteering to participate is 12th December. On the 13th you will then be given the id of a person to buy a gift for by drawing a number

5 Give Draz the website address of the gift and he will publish the gift chosen .....but not the name of the giver on the day of the party

Normal room rules apply ......make it fun ...but please keep it respectful and classy

Secret Santa Participant List

1. D r a z
2. trisha_29
3. joyful lia
4. kelli_
5. Kelleen
6. websterace3
7. Master_joe
8. Al_dente_
9. pvclucygirl
10. Heart1226
11. ukjake39
12. paveduck
13. andrea_33
14. tigerzjill
15. CreativeEd
16. dirtyrpgirl
17. scarlett2angel
18. laurabeforeyou
19. Poppy England
20. Ivan_Skavinsky
21. GuitarslingerMike
23. RocketManFl
24. touchdown366
25. jaypee_2
26. georgie girl_2
27. Gabriela92
28. lauraparty
29. greygriffin20
30. lilguy_206
31. Harold_Rarius
32. puckhound3000

See here for the gifts in 2015