Where Am I?
by Shyn2quiet

I'm lost, it's dark
There's no light at all
I'm feeling around for a light
But there are no walls
I'm just wondering about
Going one way
Then another
I feel like I'm going in circles
Around and around
Looking and seeing
Nothing but darkness
I don't know what to do
But try to find a way out
It's hard seeing as it's
Just blackness all around
Nothing to feel
Nothing to see
I'm scared, I don't know what to do
If I sit and wait
Will someone come for me?
Probably not
It's to dark to see anything
It's so dark I can't even
See the hand infront of me
Even if I put my fingers, palm
On my cheek anywhere
I still can't see
Oh, hang on something is happening
There's a pinhead of light
Far in the distance
Oh my, I've started falling
There's nothing to hang onto
Fingers, searching, scrambling
Finding nothing to hang onto
The spot of light is getting
Bigger and bigger
A shudder running through me
As I realise it was all a dream
As I wake with a startle
Covered in a film of sweat