A Stranger
by Shyn2quiet

She woke up to the morning light, her alarm ringing at 6am reaching out with her hand to turn it off as she sat up and looked around her room seeing her uniform folded on the chair telling her that it was a work day, she wasn’t exactly slim looking but she did have curves and had a buxom figure as some might say. She woke up naked as she must have taken off her night clothes at some point in the night, which she doesn’t remember doing but it didn't matter. She pushed herself up from off the bed and headed into the bathroom where she turned on the shower and pulled the curtain around and turned to look in the mirror and pulled a face as she waved it way, feeling the water that was running to see if it was hot enough to get in.

Stepping into the shower and letting the water run down over her head and all over her body, feeling the tiredness slip from my waking body as she grabbed her shampoo, squirting some into the palm of her hand as she put the bottle down and rubbed it a little in her hands before slipping my fingers into her hair and massaging the shampoo into it as the hot steamy water runs down her back and over her ass cheeks, her thighs, her legs, her feet and down the plug hole as it runs away. Sighing softly as she tilted her head back and let the water chase the bubbles away, repeating the process again to make sure that its nice and clean before reaching and pulling her scrunchy of the tiled wall and picking up her shower gel and squirting a little onto it as she placed it under the hot water and scrunch and squash it creating bubbles all over it, sliding it up and down my arms and over her shoulders as she started to wash her body from all the grime and sweat that developed over night, running it around her breasts, over her nipples as they harden slightly from the roughness of the scrunchy, gliding it down over her abdomen, her waist and around over her ass cheeks as it slides between them and downwards a little between her thighs. Bringing it back around as she washed it over the top of her thighs and down her legs to her feet before dragging it back up and in-between her thighs as she rubbed it over my sex lips, pushing it under a little more as she pulls it back and stand under the running hot steamy water as she let it wash away all the bubbles, her hands running all over my body as she made sure that all the bubbles have gone. Turning around as she turned off the shower and pull the curtain across as she stepped out and take hold of her bathrobe as she slipped her arms into it pulling it closed as she tried to hold a little heat in to at least keep her body a little warm from the hotness of the water.

Using a towel to rub her hair a little before running my paddle hair brush through it to brush it out, walking into the bedroom as she took hold of her hairdryer and plug it in, brushing her hair out as she dried it, using her hands to check that it’s all dry whilst she plugged in my straighteners and wait for them to heat up as she go and make a cup of coffee and coming back as she take hold of them and begin to straighten her hair. Glancing at the clock as it reads 6.45am knowing she still had a little time before she had to leave, leaving her straighteners to one side to cool down as she walked over to her overstuffed chair and reaching out for her half cup, half laced black bra as she slipped it on and fasten it, pulling the straps up onto her shoulders and making sure that her breasts are securely in place before reaching for her little black laced panties that match her bra, picking up her suspender belt as she fastens it around her waist before reaching for a stocking and scrunching it up between her fingers and thumbs and bending slightly at my waist as she slipped her foot into it and pull it up over her calve muscle, over her knee and up her thigh and fastening it to the suspender belt as she repeated the same thing with the other one as she reached for her nurse's uniform as she step into it and slipping her arms in as she reached for and start to fasten the buttons, fastening them one at a time stopping to leave a little cleavage showing.

Grabbing a book she's reading called Cassandra's Conflict and her bag and heading out the door, making sure that it was locked, walking down the road to the bus stop as she opened her book reading it from where she left her marker, glancing down the road as she saw the bus coming and stopping in front of her as she show her pass and turn to walk down the bus, seeing that downstairs was full she turned to walk up the stairs and find a seat near the window as the bus pulls away, sitting there reading her book as it stops at the next stop and a guy getting on comes upstairs and sits next to her, looking at her, looking down her cleavage as he places his hand on her thigh gently and turn to look with only her eyes as a smile creeps onto her lips whilst she carried on reading, feeling his hand glide up as it pulls up the hem of her uniform as his fingers slip along her inner thigh creeping up to her little black panties as they move lightly against the material, her thighs parting a little automatically as one hits the inside of the bus and the other hitting your thigh as she slipped down a little further on the seat still reading, biting her lip as his fingers slide underneath, feeling his fingers against her sex lips as his fingers part them slightly and they find her bud as they flick and slide over it, making it harder and harder to breath as she bit her lower lip as a small soft light moan slips from between her lips, keeping her eyes down and her head slightly bent, turning her head slightly to the side as she tried to glance at him wondering who he is and what he's doing, not that it bothers her but still. His fingers sliding all over her bud trying to get a glance at him as her hair hung like a curtain between them, seeing just a glimpse of him as her eyes widen, looking at his cute boyish face, turning her eyes up a little more as she caught a glimpse of his chocolate brown eyes and the soft brown hair on his head. Feeling his finger curl a little as it probes into her sex, her eyes closing, biting harder on her lip as she felt her nectar begin to flow down onto his penetrating finger, a small low groan slipping from between her lips.

Her book starting to quiver a little in her hands as they start to shake from the tension in her body as her nectar flows more freely down onto his probing finger as she bit her lower hard knowing that pleasure waves are washing through her body as it tenses and shivers slightly. Feeling his finger removing itself from inside of her sex as he raises it to his mouth and sucks lightly and softly, lapping up her nectar from them as she turned her head a little more and watch him, pretending to be looking out the opposite window as she saw him from the corner of her eye. her own hand slipping onto his thigh as it moves slowly towards his groin as her fingers toy with the button and slips down the zip calmly and quietly as her fingers slip into his boxers, letting the icy cool tips of her fingers feel the warmth of his lower abdomen as she heard him take a small gasp of air deep down into his lungs, her fingers searching as they curl softly and slowly around the girth of his manhood, taking it within the palm of her hand as it begins to move slowly against him, moving up and down slowly as her forefinger stretching out as it caress his crown lightly in small circles, letting it move against the underside of his manhood, moving her hand a little faster as she glanced at his chest watching it heave as he breathes, looking at his face as he tries to hold on to a moan or a groan she wasn't sure which but she did know that her hand was now working a little faster on his member as he tries to heave his hips up into her hand, more urgently than she had anticipated, holding her hand still as he pounds his stem in her palm as ropes of ejaculation stream from his crown and luckily onto a hankie he held just in front of him. He smiled a little turning his head and looked at her as she turned her own head and saw him properly for the first time, he was cute and she couldn't stop smiling at him, his hands doing up his zip and button as he shifted a little in the seat next to her.

She turned her head to look out the window to see where they were and she weren't far off from where she had to get off and get to work. She sensed that he was watching her, his eyes boring into her as a smile played at the corner of her lips, he then too looked out the window and realised that his stop was next. he started to stand as he bent is head a little towards me and whispered softly in my ear ''mm that felt so good, my dear, thank you very much'' all she could do was stare out the window and smile, he kissed her cheek softly and lightly as she felt a rush of warmth creep up into them, making them turn a little rosy as she watched him walk away and down the stairs, disappearing from her sight, turning her head to look out the down and turning her eyes downwards as she watch him stare up at her with a grin on his face and his sparkling. She realised that her stop was the next as she rose and descended the stairs the man still vivid in her mind as she stepped off the bus and started walking up into the hospital where she worked, walking into the staff room and making a coffee as she sat down and read a little more of her book, getting more and more into as time passes and she glanced at the clock realising the time and that her first patient would be waiting for her in reception. Putting it way in her bag and then into my locker as her leave and head for reception picking up the file on the top and calling out ''Mr Sebastian Masters, could you please come this way and follow me, thank you'' she looked out into the reception and saw a man standing with his back to her, she stood waiting for him to walk over to her, watching him turn towards her as her heart speeds up a little realising who he is. Smiling at him as he walks towards her as she turned and let him follow her down the corridor and around a corner, feeling his eyes watching her ass as it sways from side to side with each step she took, turning another corner and pushing open a door and letting him slip inside the room and look around as she stepped in and let the door shut as he stepped up to it and lock it, turning and looking at her ''why did you do that Mr Masters?'' looking him up and down in his brown hushies, fawn jeans and dark brown hoodie as his fingers turn the lock, locking them in there ''I wanted us to be alone'' a grin on his lips as he looked at her, walking over to her as he looks her up and down as his hands slip around her waist as she stood at the desk looking through his file, ''why would you want to do that, Sir?'' asking as she closed the file and turn to face him ''mmm, I like it when you call me sir'' realising that as she turned around her face is within inches from his, watching him lean in his head a little as he tilts it down, her own head tilting up and back away from his wondering what he's playing at as he follows mine and his lips press lightly against her's at first as if he was tasting her.

His lips parting a little as his tongue tried to probe into her mouth, her lips parting a little as his tongue slips into her mouth, letting him taste her as she tasted him, a small sigh slipping from her mouth into his. His hands around her waist as he raised her uniform a little until his fingers are on the sides of her thighs, his fingers curling around the material, her own hands slipping around his waist as they lightly press into the small of his back, just above his ass as they move down slowly onto his ass as their kiss deepens, tongues swirling, playing against one another’s, his hands moving around as he cupped her ass cheeks, his fingers pressing in a little as he squeezing her ass before slowly pulling one hand back and bringing it back forward as it hits her ass cheek making her whimper slightly and move in closer to him, her breasts pressed tightly against his chest as he pulled her in closer still. Her hands on his ass as they caress softly, moving her fingers over them as she cupped them in my palms and squeezes them lightly. Breaking the kiss softly as she pulled back a little ''Mr Masters, this is not very professional of me'' he stands there just looking at her as he pulls her back towards the table in the middle of the room ''well, I'm not a professional man, I know what I want and I go after it, and I like you and want you'' her eyes widen as she stepped with him as he moved them across the room. Feeling his hands slip around her as he takes a step back as his fingers slip and slide all over the top of her uniform, over her stomach up to her breasts as he leans his head forward and kissed her lips lightly, moving them down to her jaw as he moves up towards her ear, lightly kissing his way up as he reaches her ear lobe, sucking it in as he takes hold of it with his teeth and nibbles it lightly as a small soft moan slips from her lips, her hands caressing his ass.

Feeling his hands roam over her back and down to her ass as his hands cup and curl against her ass cheeks as he squeezes her ass softly, slipping his hands around her front again as they move over the top of her uniform and down, pulling it up a little as he slips a finger into one of the stems running from her suspender belt, pulling it back slightly before letting it go as it snaps back against her skin and causes a little pain as she winced a little, feeling his finger slip into it again as he runs his finger up and down against it, letting me feel the soft stroking of his finger against her skin. Biting her lower lip as it causes a sensation of pleasure, a small soft moan slipping from her lips. His hands sliding all over her thigh as he releases the strap softly and slowly letting it slip back into place of where it should be, her fingers hooking into the rim of his jeans as they run from left to right and back again, letting them come around front as her fingers toy lightly with the button at that fastened, fingers playing as it pops open, feeling her mouth turn up at the corners as he smiles against her neck, kissing his way to her lips as he press them tightly to hers, feeling the kiss deepens as tongues start to play against one another’s, her fingers slipping into his jeans as they move down, feeling the softness of the material of his boxers, the heat seeping through them onto her fingers as they explore his lower regions slowly and softly. His own fingers pulling up her uniform as his hands slide up onto her ass cheeks, feeling them slide a little further around as they move inwards towards her sex as she moaned lightly as they tease a little at the edge of her little black lace panties. His lips pressed to mine as she kiss him back, his hands move up and over her uniform, his fingers toying with the buttons on her uniform teasingly as they begin to start popping open one at a time, his fingers pushing back her uniform off of her shoulders, all the way down as he releases her and takes a step back as his eyes drink her in, she's stood there with her uniform open and slightly open pushed back onto her shoulders as her breasts covered by her bra, black half cup half lace on full view for him to see as he stands there before me with his arms crossed across his chest, a small wicked smile framing his lips as he looks her up and down with his eyes showing a little wickedness to. Watching him step forward towards her as his hands reach out and push her uniform off her shoulders, feeling it catch at her elbows as his finger tips trail lightly over her skin as a soft small moan slips from between her lips, his finger tips hooking into the straps of her bra as he lightly curls his finger around them as he slides the straps down off her shoulder, making her slip her arms out of her uniform and her bra straps, his eyes watching every movement as she keeps her gaze on his face biting her lower lip not sure what he's going to do next. Her fingers reaching out to him, to his shirt as they play with the buttons, letting them pop open one at a time as she works her way down, pulling his shirt out of his trousers, pushing it off and down his arms, her fingers moving to his trousers as her finger tips toy with the button on them as it pops open, letting her fingers slide the zip down as she look down and watch his trousers bunch around his ankles, his arousal pushing against the soft cotton of his boxers as it throbs, wanting release.

Her thumbs hooking into the waist band as she pushes them down over his thighs, his knees letting them meet his trousers around his ankles as his stem springing free from its confinement as his manhood bounces a little. Her finger nails trailing back up his thighs as they slowly moved inwards a little, trailing her nails up to his groin, her finger tips softly curling around one at a time, closing around the girth of his stem as her finger tips encase him, trapping his manhood there, holding her hand still letting him get used to the feel of her fingers around him, before she began to move her palm slowly, smoothly along his length as he closed his chocolate brown eyes as she watched his reaction to her touch. A soft breath of air slipping past his lips as his breath washed over her face, her own hazel eyes closing as her hand worked along his stem, twisting her palm as her hand pulled up, gliding it all the way back as she pushed down to the base of his manhood, a soft low growl passing from between his lips as his hips start to rock back and forth, thrusting softly his manhood in and out of her palm, her fingers but never fully leaving it. His head tilting forward as he looks at her, his chocolate brown eyes glistening with wickedness as a grin frames his lips, his hands sliding over her as he pushes her uniform down off her waist letting it fall in a pool at her feet, his finger tips softly, lightly trailing up her body, his ears listening to her sigh softly as she takes an intake of breath letting it fill her lungs. Her skin tingling as his hands move further up her body, her arms until he reaches her shoulders letting his finger tips slide under the black straps of her bra as his fingers slide down her flesh, his fingers softly running along the lacy edge of her bra until they reach the cups, his fingers hooking in a little as he pulls down the cups freeing her breasts as his eyes trail over her full round breasts, taking in the shape of them, his fingers feeling the texture as they feel every goose bump that rises. His fingers tracing lightly over her breasts as they feel every indentation of her skin, every inch of her flesh as his finger tips make their way down to her nipples, letting his thumb and forefinger press against her slightly taut nipples as he tugs them lightly as she bites on her lower lip lightly, her free hand slipping to his trousers as she pushes them down over his hips along with his boxers, over his thighs, his knees letting them land at his ankles.

His eyes watching her as she turns her eyes down to watch her fingers moving along his length as she lowers herself, dropping to her knees, looking up at him as he looks down at her, nodding his head slightly at her as a soft smile plays lightly at the corners of her mouth, her head tilting forward a little as her lips part slightly letting her tongue slip out a little as she uses it to flick lightly, softly at his crown as her fingers move back and forth on his now rock hard stem. Her lips parting a little more as she takes his crown into her mouth, her tongue swirling around his crown as her eyes close, tasting his muskiness on her tongue, taking his scent deep down into her lungs as she breaths calmly. Her lips parting slightly more as her head leaned in a little more taking his crown into her mouth as she closed her lips around him, holding him there as she and him got used to the feel of him in her mouth, her tongue caressing the underside of his manhood as her head moves back and forth along his length, her fingers moving with her head as she closes her eyes. Reaching up with her other hand as she gently places it under his sac, feeling the weight of it in her palm, feeling his soft globes move lightly in her palm, closing her fingers around it slowly as she gives it a gentle soft squeeze as he moans softly with his head tilted back, his eyes closed, his fingers moving into her hair as his finger tips twirl strands around and in-between his fingers, gripping her hair as he holds her head still and he thrusts in and out of her mouth. His fingers sliding through her hair as he traces them down to her bra as he unfastens it in one go letting it fall completely down to her elbows as she releases his hard member and slips her arms out of it letting it fall to the floor and her hands returning to his hard stem as her mouth, lips work against him, her palm feeling his sac swell as she listens to his moans, his murmuring of her name, his hips thrusting back and forth as he slides in and out of her mouth, feeling his muscles tense as he showers her mouth with his essence, the saltiness of him on her tongue as she milks his stem for all he has to give her, her lips and fingers working in unison with each other.

Leaning back on her calves as she releases his manhood from her grasp as she looks up at him as he looks down at her with a grin framing his lips as he offers out his hand to her, she takes it as she stands up, pulling her in tight to his frame as her breasts squash against his chest, pressing his warm soft wet lips to hers as he kisses her deeply, passionately, her own lips needing against his as her tongue slips out letting it slip into his mouth as his own plays with hers, almost as if they were making love to one another. His hands at her waist as he turns her around so her back is to him, softly sliding his hands up her sides as he gently pushes her down over the table in front of them as he parts her legs with his thigh stepping up behind her as he rests her knee on the table almost lifting her off the ground beneath her. He looks at her from behind, drinking her in with his eyes as she stands there slightly splayed out before him, his finger tips running all over her back down over the back of her thighs and up on the inside towards her crotch as his fingers lightly play with her moist lips, his fingers parting them slightly as they slide back and forth, her hips softly moving back and forth against them. He steps a little closer towards her with his hard stem in his hand as he guides himself in between her wet lips, pushing his hips forward as his stem enters her entrance slowly as he stretches her around his hard manhood, her hips pushing back against him taking in all of his stem as much as she can, all the way down to the base of his rock hard member, his hands reaching for her hips as he helps her find a rhythm, his fingers sinking into the flesh of her hips as he pulls her back and then pushes her forward, harder, faster as he thrusts his hard stem in and out of her, his fingers digging more into her flesh as he moans, groans, and grunts. Her fingers gripping the other side of the table, holding on with just her finger tips as he pushes her forward and her hips rocking back onto him, impaling her body on his hard stem as she moans softly and lightly, her and his rocking getting intense, more urgently as they both know what’s about to happen, him showering her within side as her nectar flows freely down onto his hard stem buried inside her. Pulling out his hard from her as he turns her around and lifts her to sit on the table, her rear feeling the coldness of it against her flesh as Goosebumps form where her skin meets the table, her thighs, legs parted widely as he steps closer to her, between her thighs as he raises her legs and makes her wrap them around, reaching out with on hand as he takes her and places it on his hard manhood as he gestures to her for her to guide him back in between her wet moist lips, leaning back with her hand still around his hard stem as he pushes his hips forward, into her, entering her inch by inch once again as she removes her hand and leans back, her palms pressed firmly to the table top. Her legs wrapped around his waist, letting him feel the heels of her feet digging into the soft flesh of his butt cheeks firmly, pulling him into her as his thick hard manhood slipped inside of her inch by inch, his hands, finger tips reaching out as he placed both of them on her breasts, lightly squeezing both at the same time to begin with, his fingers moving to her semi hard little rosy pink nipples, his thumb and forefinger closing around them, squeezing them whilst tugging them at the same time, her head tilting back as her eyes closed a soft moan slipping out from between her lips as she bit down on her lower lip. His fingers releasing her as he places his hands slip down over her, sliding softly and lightly over her chest, her abdomen, down her thighs until he reaches her knees and pushes them apart a little further than what they are and back a little bit as he thrust his hips into her, burying his hard member deeply inside her, stirring his hard stem deep inside making her moan a little louder than before, her arms giving way as she lays flat on her back on the table, falling back onto the table beneath her, hair hanging down over the edge of the table as her finger tips grip the other side so she doesn’t fall off from the hard, deep thrusting of his hips.

He watches her face, her reaction as he pushes her knees up to her chest, holding her in position, looking down at her as her eyes sparkle, body beginning to shiver and shudder slightly as she feels the start of pleasure waves begin to flow through her veins, feeling them sweep over her, tilting her head back, digging it into the table, arching her back up as much as she can do, her body tensing, muscles beginning to ache, his own muscles starting to tense to as he feels the beginnings of his own arousal wash over him. Biting her lower lip to the point of breaking skin as her nectar flows down over his buried manhood deep inside her, feeling it coating her inside, feeling it seep, drip out form her as he continues to thrust in and out of her, until his own essence is released, burying his hard stem inside as her nectar and his essence mix together, both bodies tense, shaking, shivering muscles lock up, eyes closing, grunts, groans and moans slipping past lips, filling the air around them as they both begin to relax a little, he pulls out of her slowly releasing her legs as she stretches them out, slowly extending both feeling the blood flow back into them as she slowly starts to sit up and slip from the table. Her feet hitting the floor as he presses a hand to her stomach shaking his head at her, letting her know that he hadn’t quite finished with her yet, making her slide back onto the table as he slowly dropped to his knees, parting them softly as wide as they would go, pressing his palms against the inside of her knees, letting his eyes close as his head leans in a little, his finger tips sliding up the insides of her thighs, using his thumbs to pull her moist lips apart as he gazes at her openly, her scent filling his nostrils as his tongue slips out from between his lips, flicking lightly at her bud lightly as she lays flat on her back on the table as she softly moans, her body writhing a little as she squirms above him feeling his fingers softly press outwards, spreading her a little wider as he closes his eyes, softly moaning against her letting her feel his lips, tongue vibrate against her. Her fingers sliding up into her hair as she combs it out, spreading it across the table before caressing her breasts, moving her fingers down over her body until they reach his head, just barely as her fingers slide into his hair, twisting it as she tries to pull in his head closer to her, knowing that the pleasure waves are beginning to flow through her veins again, surging through them, spreading all over her body as her hips grind down against his mouth, feeling his tongue move over her sex, up and down, around and around, side to side as she writhes on the table, her fingers tightening more in his hair as her nectar flows down into his mouth, pouring from her as her muscles tighten, her body going stiff as her essence flows down onto his tongue, letting him taste her as he murmurs softly drinking all she can give him until the pleasure waves reside within her and she starts to relax a little, his eyes opening as he looks up at her knowing that she is spent, he stands and helps her from off the table as she slips from off it, pulling her into his arms, embracing her, kissing her deeply, letting his lips move against hers as she kisses him deeply letting her lips need against his, tongues swirling lightly against one another’s in a deep, passionate kiss.

Both of them breaking it softly as they look around for their clothes, finding everything that they took off as they watch each other dressing, her, pulling on her bra, fastening the clasps around her back, pulling on her panties and her stockings, slipping back into her uniform as she watches him slip his boxers and jeans, pulling on his top as he slips his arms into it adjusting it accordingly to fit the way it did when he entered the room, both slipping their shoes on at the same time as they both then head for the door, unlocking it not realising how long they had both been in there without being disturbed. Turning and heading back to reception where she makes the next appointment for him. Grabbing a little slip of paper and scribbling a note on it as he slips it into her hand, shaking it thanking her for what took place as he walks out of the automatic doors, a grin on his face as he looks back over his shoulder at her watching her read the scribbled note ‘’I’d like to see you again my dear’’ it read, lifting her head little as a warm rush seeps into her cheeks, making her blush, looking at the door letting her eyes trail slowly across the window as she catches him watching her and smiles at him, nodding her head slightly in answer to what he had scribbled down. Seeing her nod her head and watching her tuck the scrap of paper into her uniform knowing where it’s placed. The rest of her day went pretty smoothly for her walking around all day seeing patients with a smile framing her lips, feeling good in herself as she went about the rest of her shift, looking at the clock after seeing her last patient of the day, which just happened to be a redressing of a cut, heading back to the staff room and having one last coffee before reaching and pulling on her coat and grabbing her bag heading out of the door and exiting, running down the road for her bus as she showed the driver her pass, resting her bag on her knees looking out the window, resting her forehead against the glass, going over what happened again in her mind seeing as it was now to dark to read her book as the drive hadn’t turned them on yet and it didn’t look like that he was going to either.

Noticing that she was only one stop away from her own she headed down the aisle pressing the stop button on her way past one of the poles, standing, looking out the front windscreen as the bus came to a stop for her and she stepped off the bus, pulling her coat tighter around her feeling a little chilly as she headed for home, thinking of a nice warm fire, a hot drinking, a hot meal to fill her stomach. Walking down the path as she noticed an envelope poking out of her letter box and a box on the floor, bending to pick it up as she turned it over in her hands wondering what it was as she pulled the envelope from the letter box, placing her key in the door as she turned it and pushed the door open, pushes it open and steps through it into the hallway as she closes it using her foot as the door bangs shut. The box in her hands as she turns it over and over wondering what could possibly be inside of it as she heads into the kitchen and places both the note and the box on the table turning the grab the kettle and fill it up as she turns it on setting up a cup with coffee and sugar in it turning to take a chair at the table as she reaches for the note and unfolds it, reading it, gasping as her eyes go wide seeing who it was from, wondering how he found out where she lived, unless he’d been watching her for awhile and following her, reading over the note again ‘’I really like you and I really want to see you again, when can I see you again? I really really!! Like you and want you, oh my you would not believe just how much I want you, my dear. I’m so excited, I can’t control myself when I see you, it’s so hard not to touch you, to keep my hands off of you, to feel your full breasts in my palms, mmmm my what a thought. I will keep the rest to myself and you will certainly find out just how badly I want you. All my Love Sebastian xx’’ she just kept reading it and reading it over and over again and again, She looked at the box unsure on whether to open it or toss it into the bin, softly biting her lower lip she started to unwrap it, pulling the brown paper off it, sat before was a plain black box with a lid she looked at it curiously as her head tilted to one side debating on whether she should remove the lid or not but her fingers answered that question for her as they raised the lid and she peered inside to find a picture of his hard stem with his fingers around it, there was another note with it as she reached in and pulled it out, unfolded it as she read the words ‘’for you to think of me whenever you like and for you to imagine me there with you at night, for you to imagine me slipping, sliding in and out of you, oh you gorgeous woman you with the full breasts that I adore so much.’’ She chuckled to herself reading that last part.

She turned in her chair as the door knocked, pushing herself out of the chair and walking into the hall wondering who it could be, she peered through the little spy hole to see who it was, she gasped softly as she saw who was on the other side of the door, her hand reaching to turn the handle on the door as her left hand reached the remove the chain as she pulled the door open and stood there still in her uniform as he took a step towards her, his arms sliding about her waist as he slowly leaned in his head pressing his lips to hers, letting them need in a soft passionate kiss, stepping forward pushing her back into the hall as he pressed her against the wall, his hands sliding down her sides as he pulled up the hem of her uniform, his fingers raking her stocking clad thighs until his hands were beneath and moving inwards a little feeling for her black panties hooking his thumbs into the rim as he pushed them down over her thighs, her knees until they were laying in a pool at her ankles, slipping his hands out from under her uniform as they unfastened her buttons one by one, pushing it off from her shoulders and down her arms as they slipped out of it, his hands all over body as he moved them to her breasts, covered by her bra as he eased each one out of its entrapment, looking deeply into her eyes as she looked back at him, her own hands tucked behind her back, fingers interlocked together, her back slightly arched away from the wall. His fingers moving slowly, softly, smoothly over her breasts as he catches her dark pink little buds between his forefinger and thumb as he softly rolls them, twisting them slightly, pulling at them, making them taut, stand out hard as he leans his head in and kisses her deeply, passionately both of them breathing through their noses as she pulls her arms around, ripping his shirt open as the buttons go flying everywhere, her short nails trailing over his chest down over his stomach as they come to his jeans, her fingers unfastening his button, taking hold of the zipper as she slides it down, pushing his jeans down over his thighs, past his knees letting them drop to his ankles as he kicks off his shoes and steps out of them, kicking them to the side as his knee slips between her thighs nudging them apart a little. Her fingers curling against his boxer covered stem as they slide softly along the outside of his semi-hard stem feeling it grow harder against her fingers as they up and down, side to side a little. His fingers gracefully, smoothly running down over her stomach, pausing for a moment just about her sex, moving a little further down, feeling the moist wetness of her as his fingers slid back and forth against her.

As he watched her she let her eyes close, a soft light moan slipping from her lips, body dipping down onto his fingers as they began to enter her interior, his other hand squeezing her breast, needing it lightly as his thumb and forefinger tracing around her nipple as he softly, lightly tugged at it making her moan a little. Her body writhing against the wall as her hands, nails trailing across his thighs as her fingers slipped, curled around his stem, holding him softly in her palm before she began to move it slowly along his length going from crown to base as her little fingers stretched out as it softly caressed his sac, feeling his balls softly beneath his flesh. Leaning his head in towards her as he pressed his lips to hers, needing them, her own lips needing back, and her tongue barely slipping out as she ran it across his lips softly flicking the tip against his lower lip. His hands slipping down her body, realising what he’s doing she releases his stem from her grasp as her fingers slide over his body and up around his neck, interlocking her fingers around the back as she holds on, his body dipping a little his hands curling under her thighs sliding down as he wrapped his hands beneath her gently lifting her as he carried her up the stairs, using his foot to kick the bedroom door open and stepping through into her bedroom as he kicked it shut. Where they spent many hours pleasuring each other, from that first time she met him on the bus he knew he’d end up with her, she knew he was hers to keep, they never expected to stay together, get along with each other, love each other as they started out as strangers and ended up being a lovers.