Until Morning
by Shyn2quiet

Puts the plug in the hole, turning on the hot tap
Letting the water run, filling the bath so high
Turns on the cold tap, letting the water run
Cooling the hot water enough to step into
Placing one foot in at a time
Easing her body into the water slowly
Leaning back, placing her head on the pillow
The warm water caressing her body
As she reaches for the hot tap with her foot
Turning it on, letting the water run
Making the water hotter...
Letting it seep into the tub
As her body starts to tingle with the sensation
Eyes closing as she enjoys the warmth of the water
The water hot enough as she turns the tap off
Sliding her foot back into the hot water
Letting her eyes close slowly as her hands
Cup the hot, warm water, washing it over her body
Smiling at the sensation it causes
Hands drifting and roaming over her body
Biting down on her lip as she wriggles slightly
Causing small waves of water in the tub
Hands resting lightly on her thighs
Mind drifting to thoughts of her lover
Erotic naughty thoughts first come to mind
Lying there in the tub totally naked
With only the hot water and her thoughts for warmth
Time passes swiftly as she opens her eyes
Realising that she's been there for awhile
Her eyes focusing, seieng a body stood over her
Eyes drifting up from the waist to his torso
Upto his face, a smile framing her lips
Eyes meeting as a smile frames his own lips
Taking in all of her form beneath him, her curves
Her nakedness, the swell of her breasts
As he holds out his hand, she takes it softly
Standing there before him as she steps out
Reaching for a towel to wrap around herself
He stops her, leadig her to the bedroom
Where he lays her down and dries her off
Slowly and sensually, his hands all over her form
The towel catching every single droplet of water
Sliding onto the bed next to her
He takes her every way they know how
Until the morning light beams through the window