by Shyn2quiet

Walking into the class room and sitting on the corner edge of your desk, my short skirt rising a little as I sit down and I cross my legs at my ankles, wearing very little panties beneath it, my blouse tight and open to show off a little cleavage as it strains across my breasts, the pink half cup half lace bra showing through, the bottom tied in a knot at the front of my waist, my legs clad in stockings held up by a black lace suspender belt. Looking at my mobile, reading a text, starting to answer it as you walk in the room, without warning you snatch it off me and put in a draw as you walk around the desk and take your seat, my back to you as I turn my head to look at you. Standing up and walking around the desk to you as I sit lightly in your lap looking down at you as my right arm snakes around your neck, my fingertips playing with your hair a little, wondering if I did something that it would get me the position that I want.

Biting my lower lip and my fingers run lightly over your shirt, toying with the buttons as I work them down further, letting them play with the button and zip on your trousers as the button pops open beneath my fingers and the zip slides down, standing up and nudging your thighs apart a little with my knees. Turning away from you as I wiggle my ass at you, looking back at you as you stand up and run your fingers over my ass pushing me forward a little away from you as you bring your hand up and back before bring it back down spanking my ass as I wince and shudder a little as the sting shoots across my skin like little electrical charges. Standing up straight as I move to a desk and sit down in the chair, my skirt rising a little, raising my left leg as I rest my foot against it watching you move towards me as you raise the cane an bang it down on the desk ''Do you know why you’re in detention?'' watching you raising the cane again, ''no sir, but...'' I asked ''but what?... don't you want to make good on your grades?...'' you asked in a slightly harsh voice, ''but sir... I just thought that if I failed then I'd get to see more off you, if I had to repeat'' I said in a small soft voice, I wriggled in my seat a little as you stood there and watched me, my chest rising and falling as the cane hit the desk and I winced a little knowing what was going to happen. ''Well... I guess that you don't want to become my very personal assistant then do you my dear?'' you asked cocking your head to the side a little as I replied ''oh yes... sir... I'd like that very much... seeing you every day would be great!! sir'' I slipped a little further down on the chair, my thighs parting more as more of my little panties came into show. ''Well... if you decide to buck up your ideas my dear then YOU most certainly will get the position that I have just mentioned to you.''

Sighing softly as I consider the options in front of me as I make a decision ''ok... sir... I guess I can try to buck up my ideas and get the grades that are required to apply for the job'' tapping my fingers lightly on the desk as you raise the cane again and bang it back down on the desk making me jump a little. Looking up at you as you softly whisper ''well if you want to get those grades up then take off that tight little blouse you have on right NOW!'' my eyes widening with a little shock as I take in what you've said, my hands beginning to untie the knot and unfasten the buttons one by one, slowly and teasingly. Starting from the bottom and working upwards reaching the last of them letting my blouse fall open slightly as you use the cane to push it open more, lightly tapping my breasts with it as I watch and wince a little and moan lightly as the cane hits my flesh, bouncing back and forth between my breasts. Turning my eyes down as I watch you slide the cane up and slip it under my bra strap, slipping it off as it falls to rest at the crease of my elbow, leaning forward a little as my hands reach around and snap the clasps open as the cups fall from my breasts. My head tilting up as I look at you, starting to stand up as I let my bra fall to the floor. Watching you as you as you twirl your finger in circles indicating for me to turn around, following your instructions as I bend at my waist, resting my hands on the desk below me. Feeling you drag the cane up my cladded legs, over the back of my knees, moving it inwards to my inner thigh as you start to pat it lightly, working it up between my thighs, my hips starting to roll a little as I lower my head, letting my hair fall around my face. Feeling the cane move up between my ass cheeks as you drag it over them lightly before drawing it back a little and letting it smack against my skin, my body tensing a little, fingers curling around the edge of the desk as they grip it, trying to stop myself from buckling a little, biting my lower lip as you raise the cane lifting my little skirt to reveal my little panties underneath, feeling the cane hook into them as you use the cane to pull them down over my ass cheeks, slipping the cane between my thighs, pushing my panties down further still, feeling the hardness of the cane brush lightly against my sex lips, moaning softly, feeling the cane leave me as you draw it back from between my thighs.

Raising my head and looking back at you as I watch you taking in the view before you, watching your tongue run purposely over your lips as you take a step forward leaning forward as you bend your head into mine and whisper softly ''I don't think we need these anymore do you, my dear?'' I couldn't answer you, my voice lost deep inside of me as I just simply shuck my head from side to side. Your hands sliding over my body as I felt them push my panties down over my thighs and past my knees as I stepped out of them and left them in a pool on the floor. My thighs slightly parted still as you began to grind into me, making me feel just how hard you were, feeling it grow harder still as you dropped your trousers, making them bunch around your ankles. Your hands on my hips as you pushed up my short skirt more until it was resting on the small of my back. My hips grinding back into you, wanting your hard, thick, stem inside of me, knowing it was coming as all other thoughts left my mind and all I could think of was what you were going to do to me, how you were going to take me. Feeling your right hand slide down and around my thigh, between them as you move in towards my sex, curling your middle finger as you tease my entrance a little as a light whimper slips past my lips, feeling them slide in a little more as I bare my hips down a little onto your fingers penetrating my sex. My eyes closed as I relish the feel of your fingers sliding in and out me, feeling you shift behind a little as you drop to your knees and your tongue slipping out as it flicks lightly at my sex lips making them wet as they part a little and the tip of your tongue finding my bud as you lick, flick and suckle on it softly and lightly making my knees slightly buckle again, murmuring softly.

Looking between my legs as I see your stem, hard and stiff standing proud as I see your hand glide over it, watching precum surface from the crown. Biting my lower lip as I listen to you ''this is what you wanted me to do? isn't it my dear?'', all I could to answer was to nod my head as the vibration of your lips against my sex lips sent shivers running over my flesh ''mmhmm'' was all I could managed as a reply. Your hand slipping from your stem as you raised it and parted my sex lips, the tip of your tongue finding my bud again as it flicked against it, my body responding as it dipped down onto your fingers that you now held still and let my hips do the work. Knowing was what rising in my body you suddenly stopped and stood up and turned me around and gently pushed down on my shoulders as I dropped to my knees and I looked up at you as I raised my right hand and let my fingers curl around the girth of your stem, gripping it lightly as I looked you in the eyes, tilting my head to the side a little as you gave the smallest of nods giving me permission to begin. My head tilting down a little as I leant in and my lips parted a little, letting my tongue slide out as I flicked lightly at the crown of your manhood. My lips parting a little more as I took in an inch, stopping just below the head of your stem. My tongue gliding lightly around the head as it circled softly, my fingers gripping a little more as my hand started to move back and forth over you, my fingers hitting my lips as my mouth began to move over your manhood taking in a little more of your stem. Feeling it grow harder, thicker in my palm as my fingers slide up and down the length of your stem, listening to you as you began to moan a little as I worked a little faster, sucking in my cheeks as I create a little vacuum around your manhood, my left hand, nails raking softly at your thigh flesh as my hand moves further up your thigh until it reaches your sac. My fingers starting to curl around it, letting your globes roll softly in my palm, curling my fingers a little more as I apply a little pressure to your sac, hearing you moan a little louder in response. Feeling you begin to move your hips as my hand glides along your stem, my mouth sucking, licking your crown, my tongue moving along the underside of your manhood, along the main vein that runs from crown to base. Your thrusting becoming more urgent as I upturn my eyes and watch you, your eyes closed, your chest heaving as your breathing becomes rapid, your hands moving as your fingers slip into my hair, your fingers twisting within my hair as you tug it slightly making me moan around your stem as my lips vibrate against the soft flesh of your manhood, parting my lips a little around your stem as I graze my teeth lightly against the softness of your crown, hearing you moan a little louder.

Your fingers in my hair as you tug my head back and up making my stand as you turn me around and make me bend at my waist. Your strong hands massaging my ass cheeks as you push me forward pinning my hips to the desk. The desk edge smooth, rounded off as my thighs rest against it, feeling you step up behind me as you pin your hips to mine, feeling your stem stroke between my cheeks as you rock your hips back and forth against me. Feeling you move your stem down a little as I feel it start to press against my sex lips, parting them as your manhood finds it's own way into my entrance, feeling you slide into me inch by inch, driving your hips forward as you push your manhood in more and more until it's buried deep within. Your hands massaging my ass cheeks as I mean, my hips grinding back into yours as my back arches making my ass rising and falling against you, your hands on my shoulders as you pin me down to the desk, raising my right leg and pushing my knee onto the desk as you stretch my thighs wide, your stem thrusting in and out of my sex, feeling you stretch me wider and wider, my innerards grasping, gripping your manhood as you move your hips back and forth behind me. My nipples grazing against the smooth wood beneath me as they rub against it, throbbing as they get harder with the back and forth motions, moaning louder and louder as I feel my arousal growing more and more within my body as it tenses a little. Listening to the slapping wet sounds of our coupling, the thrusting of your stem pounding against me, your sac hitting me as you drive your manhood in and out of me, listening you moaning louder and louder as both arousal's grow, building up more and more. ''Oh yes... oh baby... I love how you’re letting me take you'' another moan slipping out from between my lips ''mmm... yes... I love the way you’re driving your stem in and out of me... the pounding of your thighs against mine... oh yes... oh dear god... make me cum... Please!!''

Listening to you grunting, moaning, the feel of your thrusting, driving me over the edge, clenching my ass cheeks as I cum all over your manhood deep inside of me, your nails raking down my back as you thrust more and more cumming inside of me as you grunt and groan, tensing your body as you spurt streams into me, moans and groans filling the air. Feeling you pull out of me as we both begin to calm down, lowering my leg from the desk as I straighten myself and turn around to face you, sitting on the edge of the desk as I tilt my head a little, looking at you as a smile creeps up on my lips ''well, sir? Do I get the job?'' I asked softly as my fingers curled around the edge of the desk and you stepped towards me, wrapping your arms around me and bending your head a little as you kiss me, passionately and deeply, sucking my lower lip into your mouth as you release it slowly ''oh well now, I should probably interview others for the position but, you've done very well my dear girl, I think that you deserve the job of being my very personal assistant''. I couldn't stop myself as my arms snaked around your waist and hugged you softly and lightly as I planted small kisses all over your chest and up your neck working my way to your lips where I kissed you very passionately and very deeply, knowing that we'd be together for as long as we could be. The End!!