All Alone
by Shyn2quiet

Sat so quietly, so still
She was almost missed
Amongst the people in the crowd
As others moved by her
Not noticing she was there
As they passed her by
Not realising she was there
As she feels like they are ignoring her
She watched them with interest
Wondering where they were going
Wondering if they were meeting others
She sat there curled up
Her head resting on the arm
Using it as a pillow
Her fingers laced together
As she tucks them slowly
Between her thighs
She sits there quietly
Going unnoticed by anyone
Feeling all alone
Feeling unlove
Feeling sad
Feeling nothing but numbness
People passing her by without a thought
A care
A word
Watching them ago about
Doing whatever it is they are doing
She sits there
With her loneliness
With her thoughts
Just for company
As she sits there
Going amiss
All alone