My Fetish
by saphire_a_blaze

My new fetish seems to be your cock. I don't understand this sudden obsession; I only know it is there. I can't get your hot rod out of my mind. I have tried many distractions, but none work.

All I can think about is how delicious it is to suck and fuck your wonderful dick. You haven't seemed to mind it yet, but I wonder if you will tire of me wanting you in me. .

I love the moments we have been stealing before you have to leave for work. It seems a wonderful way to say goodbye. It seems to always start with me sucking, licking and nibbling on you fabulous hard prick. ... .

After the kids are in bed, one or both of us takes a shower. Not the long relaxing showers we would normally take, but short, quick showers to ensure we are clean. We often spend a few minutes looking at stories or pictures and videos on the net. Then I come over to you and begin to tease your cock to a hard erection. I find it very powerful to have your cock in my mouth. I feel in control and you usually forget the computer quickly as I suck. .

The skin of your penis is soft and almost velvety as it passes over my lips and tongue. I take as much of it as I can into my mouth, biting very gently because I know you love how it feels to have my teeth on you. I suck your balls into my mouth one at a time, being careful not to pinch or bite them, as I know how sensitive they are. I lick your shaft starting at the base by your scrotum and go all the way to the tip and swirl my tongue and lips around the head sucking up any juices that have leaked out. I nibble down and up the sides as if I'm eating an ear of corn. .

Your breath speeds up and you become even harder. Hmmmm, I could go on pleasuring you like this for hours. It is a major turn on to know how much you enjoy my attentions. I feel my juices begin to flow. What is it about pleasuring you that makes me fell so hot and powerful? .

I bob my head up and down on your member loving the feeling. You pulse and throb in my mouth as I fondle your balls. I bounce the head gently off my teeth sending even more of a thrill through you. .

I love to see your cock pressed between my tits. I pull them tight around you and lick and nibble at your knob each time it appears as I fuck you with my tits. I lightly bounce my globes off of your cock and sack and move back in with my mouth. I lick and kiss my way down so that I can tease your ass too. I gently lick and probe your pucker and am amazed at your sharp intake of breath. .

I am usually dripping freely and very horny by now. I take your rock-hard cock back into my mouth and suck some more, being sure to gently rake my teeth along the sensitive underside and head. .

Then I come up and kiss you and climb into you lap. I either ride your stiff, hard cock or better yet, you take over.