Caught (story)
by rainfey

She walks in the room and cuddles up on the couch and begins to relax. She plays with the buttons on her light blue top and closes her eyes. Slowly licking her soft lips as the small fingers play with the buttons on her top. Releasing the small pearl buttons one at a time till her smooth pale skin is fully exposed and a finger runs down the newly exposed skin. Unaware that anyone is around she slips off the blouse and drops it to the floor as she starts to unclasp her bra. Removing the soft material to reveal ample breasts with soft pink nipples. Tracing the nipples one at a time watching as each stiffen at her touch as she slowly moves down her flat stomach and around her belly button.

Lazily she spreads her legs as her hands move over her tight thighs and around the soft material of her thong. Taking a hand and lightly moving over the hidden mound feeling around the outer edges then moving in and begins to play with the little clit . Moving the thong to one side placing a slender finger on the clit and starts to move in small circles as another finger slips inside of her. Moving the fingers together as her other hand works its way down her body and begins to slip more fingers in her pussy as her hips slowly begin to move. Bringing the one finger to her lips to taste the sweet taste of her wetness licking it clean as her fingers and hips move as one. Closing her eyes as her heart starts to race and chills start to move over her and small whimpers escaping her lips.

Not hearing the movement behind her she continues to move her fingers in and out biting on her lip as her hips thrust with pleasure. Taking one finger and then another in her mouth as she tastes her sweet juices before slipping them back in her wet pussy. He reaches behind her and grabs a hand full of hair and pulls is tight. "So you want to pleasure yourself without Me do you? Well we will just have to see about that." He takes her head up to meet His and kisses her so hard and rough that it tears the skin on her soft lips making them bleed little. Taking her neck in His large strong hand and puts pressure on the small neck as He watches her eyes well up in tears.

"Take My pants down girl and suck on my cock I wish to feel you." She does as she is asked without question and begins to move Him in her mouth in and out as her small mouth takes His large cock. He takes her head and makes her go farther down on Him till she is gagging and He holds her there. "Spread your legs girl and show Me how you play with your pussy." Closing her eyes and trying not to cry she does as she is told and begins to play with herself. Feeling her clit harden as she knows she is about to cum as she whimpers out over His cock she begins to move faster. Then in one shot He takes her out of His mouth and mounts her and thrusts inside her as hard as He can. Taking her hands over her head He holds her down so that she can't move. "You better not cum till I tell you to girl .. is that clear?" Weakly she shakes her head as he leans down and kisses her hard. Forcing His tongue in her mouth searching and tasting all of her. She feels Him hob inside of her as he pounds deeper and deeper till His hot juices fill her pussy. "Now girl cum for Me, let Me feel you all over Me as we unite as one." Finally after holding back for so long her body begins to jerk and cum flows out of her pussy mixing with His juices as her body collapses. He gets off of her and puts His cock to her face and she slips it in her mouth licking all of the juices off and cleaning Him from top to bottom. "Now get dressed we are to be somewhere before long." She dresses and heads out the door and He grabs her by the neck and whispers in h ear "Good girl, you will be rewarded for that later." As he slips His hand in hers and they walk out the door.