by D r a z

In the land of maybe, could be, should be,
In the realms of infinite possibility
What dreams, what horrors, what great delight,
Awaits the thought traveller with deep insight?

Every thought never taught.
Every girl never kissed.
Every catch never caught.
Every loss never missed.
Every story never written.
Every dream never dreamed.
Every tongue never bitten
Every light never beamed.

All the music never played.
All the games never run.
All the sculpture never made.
All the deeds never done.

Every cure never found.
Every door never opened.
Every king never crowned.
Every sleeper never woken.
Every break never mended.
Every seed never sown.
Every start never ended.
Every sight never shown.

Infinite ways.
Infinite dreams.
Endless days.
Limitless seams.

Infinite plans.
Infinite theories.
All the cans.
Nothing wearies.
Infinite potential.
Everything essential.
Infinite possibilities.
Limitless own abilities.

Infinite strategy.
Infinite projections.
Never any lethargy.
Not a single rejection.

The lists of possible variations is endless,
Itís fascinating to consider them all.
To fall into the trap of indecision is careless
Soon you have to answer actionís call.

Dream, hope, and plan,
But donít forget to do.
Do as much as you can
With a soul and heart thatís true.