My Blackhole
by Shyn2quiet

My Blackhole
I'm a totally and complete idiot
I don't understand some of the
Things I've done or what I've said
I'm hurting inside, theres tears forming
Beginning to trickle down my cheeks
I want to use something sharp
To cut myself open
I want to hurt myself
I want to bleed
I want to feel the relief
Of what I used to do
It felt so good, the relief
But I stopped all that
I'm trying my hardest to resist
That feeling of relief sent
To a blackhole, were I could be
On my own to relish in the feeling
Be by myself with no one
To ask questions like
I miss that feeling
But in my heart I know
I will not return to that blackhole
Its hard to resist, but I know I will cope
Never to return there again
But will always miss that
Blackhole and the relief