Millennium Anthem
by D r a z

As the year 2000 starts
Let a prayer be in our hearts.
One to right the wrongs we've done -
A bright new start - a new millennium!

Let there be Peace where there was War.
Let there be Kindness where Hate was before.
Let there be Plenty where there was Need,
And let Charity replace all Greed.

Let there be Honesty where there was Lies,
And let there be Laughter where there were Cries.
Let there be Time where there was Haste,
And Conserving where there was Waste.

Let there be Light where there was Dark,
And let Idleness be replaced by Work.
Let there be Freedom where there was Chains,
And let all Loss be replaced by Gains.

Let there be Courage where there was Fear,
And where we've been Deaf, let us Hear.
Let all Evil be replaced by Good,
And all that was Ignored be Understood.

Let Straight Talking replace all Deceit,
And let all thatís Unfinished be Complete.
Where thereís a Wrong letís put it Right,
And where we gave up, give us strength to fight.

Let good Words replace all Scornings,
And Encouragement replace hasty Warnings.
All that is Obscure let it be Clear.
All thatís Hidden let it Appear.

Where there's Doubt let there be Faith.
Where there's Danger let it be Safe
Where we are not certain let us be Sure.
Where thereís Corruption let us be Pure.

Let us be positive where we have grumbled
Where weíve been proud let us be humbled
Where there's Depression let there be Heart.
Let's see each Ending as a new Start.

In the next 1000 years
Let us manage our fears and tears.
Heaven on earth as well as above,
Come on! Just let there be LOVE.