The Lady at Number 47 (story)
by mcfcfaulky

I'd been a window cleaner for ten years or so now, and it was beginning to wear thin. Forget all the Hollywood films that portray window cleaning as exciting with the chance to spy on semi naked ladies and having housewives throw themselves at you... it was nothing like that. Moving from house to house, my bucket splishing and splashing all over my trousers, my ladder digging into my shoulder, I sigh as I look into the sky, seeing the dark grey clouds rolling across the sky, looks like I'll be getting wet again setting my ladder in the ground, I lean it against the wall to number 47. Number 47, I dreamt wistfully, I'd seen her leaving the house on several occasions to go shopping (I presumed), she was gorgeous, the real girl next door look.

I'd spend many an hour daydreaming about her... and I didn't even know her name I checked the ladder was secure, before beginning my ascent. Climbing the rungs slowly, not really paying much attention to my surroundings as I reached a height where I could begin to clean the main bedroom window. Pulling out my sponge, and begins to lather the window with soapy suds, my mind elsewhere as I absently coat the window in warm soapy suds. Imagining her from number 47, I knew so little about her. I remembered the last time I saw her, coming out of the house as I arrived, wearing a long fawn trench coat; it had been raining that day too. I let my mind wander as I washed the glass, wondering what she had worn underneath that long trench coat it had shown off so very little, yet the potential had been so great. Shaking my head, I smiled to myself, she seemed too innocent for anything naughty, and she was probably just sheltering from the rain.

Dropping the sponge back in my bucket, I pulled out my squeegee, and began to clear the window of suds leaving behind bright shining glass, reflecting myself even despite of the clouds overhead. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a movement, my head instantly jerking to the side to spy a slight gap in the curtains. My hand stopped moving, the window 3/4's still wet and soapy. Moving my head closer to the window I peer into the room. My eyes widened, I pressed my face to the window, looking into the dimly lit room there was only a single lamp sitting on a table in the corner that provided the only illumination, bathing the room in a soft yellow glow.

My eyes moving across the room, not noticing what had caught my eyes, until I saw her. She'd sat in front of the large mirror that hung at the end of her bed as her long blonde hair swept down over her near shoulder a brush in her hand which she slowly, smoothly ran through it. I stood at the top of my ladder watching her as she brushed her hair. Watching as she places the brush on the dressing table and stood up. Her silk robe flowing around her, hugging her curves in all the right places. A flash of flesh in the mirror distracted me momentarily, before I returned my gaze to her at number 47. She pulled open the wardrobe and rummages inside, pulling out a tiny pair of lacey black panties, she stepped into them as I watched her from behind. Pulling open her red silk robe, softly and softly shrugging it off her shoulders, she lets it fall to the floor. She stood there before me, the lower part of her body hidden as she stood behind the bed. My eyes drawn up to what I could see, looking over her beautiful silky thighs, over her butt and hips shown off so well in those black lace panties. Reaching back into her wardrobe, she pulls out a matching black bra, but nothing could prepare me for what happened next, she turned to face me, still topless, giving me a real eyeful of her magnificent full rounded breasts. Accidentally, I pulled the ladder away from the wall, before regaining some composure; unfortunately I let the ladder clatter back against the wall. I thought I noticed her head look up and a smile form on her lips, but I couldn't be sure. The ladder didn't make that much noise, she has double glazing she can't possibly have heard me. I return my gaze back to the window, to see her fastening the bra behind her back, lifting the straps up her arms, the cups fall into place. Half cups hiding her nipples, but showing off her gorgeous breasts so well, giving her a cleavage to die for. She turns, bending a little at the waist, giving me a perfect view of her ass. Was that a little wiggle she gave me? I shake my head, surely not, she doesn't know I'm here and she would probably be more horrified if she knew I was. Coming out of her wardrobe, a handful of lacey lingerie with her, she drops some items on the bed but in the semi light, I was unable to tell exactly what. She raises her leg onto the bed, her hands running up and down it... very strange behavior, certainly if she's just getting dressed. She picks up another black item in her hand rolling it up between her fingers; she places it at the end of her one foot. Painstakingly slowly, she began to inch it up her leg over the top of her foot, slowly pulling it up to her knee, the soft black material, clinging to her shapely legs. Taking it up past her knee, to her thigh, stopping midway up, the stocking snapping into place. Swapping legs, she places her stocking clad leg to the floor, her bare leg up on the bed, a little more spread than last time, my eyes focus on the patch between her legs, hoping to see a little more.

Pausing she looks up... right at me! Her right hand moving between her legs, moving up and down between them slowly, she pauses, as though hesitant. Leaving two fingers standing up straight, she presses them to herself and slides the slowly up and down. I nearly fell off my ladder, all thoughts of window cleaning being a boring occupation banished from my mind. Here is the gorgeous girl from number 47, in a sexy lacey black lingerie, rubbing her pussy right in front of me. I nearly fell off my ladder in delight and surprise. My window cleaning pants tight as I watched her, moving those two fingers back and forth across her panties. Her eyes closing as they move, her mouth hanging open a little. Her hips rolling a little as she rubs, pressing herself against her fingers. My hand absently slips down my front, rubbing my hard cock through my trousers, not caring that anyone could see what I'm doing. She opens her eyes slightly, her gaze focused on the curtains through which I'm staring, a slight grin forming on her lips. She turns back into her wardrobe, bending further at the waist, reaching into one of her bottom drawers, again a slight wiggle of her hips as she bends. Turning back to me, she holds a long almost cylindrical item in her fingers, her fingers wrapping around it, there's no mistaking what she's holding. Her fingers stroke up and down the shaft of her vibrator, long tantalizing strokes, her fingers struggling to wrap all the way around its girth it was so thick. Kneeling on the bed, the vibrator still in her hand crawling across the sheets towards me, her breasts hanging under her perfectly encased in her half cup black lace bra.

Kneeling up, she draws the vibrator up her gorgeous body, between her breasts and onto her red lips, the tip of her tongue slipping from between her lips, running over the thick head of the vibrator, her eyes closed once more as her lips softly, slowly part, taking the head inside her mouth between those lush lips. I moan softly to myself as I watched her, wishing it was me and not that vibrator. The vibrator slips from her lips and back down over her body, slipping between her legs as she moves onto her back, her legs moving from under her. Legs bent, her feet flat on the bed, and she spreads her legs before me. The vibrator moving up and down over her panties, pressed tight to her pussy through them, her free hand moving between her legs alongside the vibrator, her fingers moving her panties to one side, giving e the briefest of glimpses at her pussy lips. The vibrator pushes between them, disappearing up inside of her, inch by inch she pushes the vibrator inside. I gasp as I watch it move inside her. The look on her face moving to one of sheer ecstasy, her mouth hanging open. Her hips began to buck, the vibrator sliding in and out of her pussy before my eyes, her breasts rising and falling as her breathing becomes heavier. Her eyes snapping wide open, I'm sure I can hear her moans through the thickness of the glass, but surely that is my over active imagination. I look into her eyes; hers locked on e as her hips buck harder, the vibrator moving quickly inside her able to read on her face that she's close to cumming before me. Her eyes wide, her hips rocking, a very audible scream escapes from between her lips as she cums, her body writhing on her bed. Suddenly still, her breasts rising and falling as she breathes heavily, lying on her back, her long blonde hair hanging off the edge of the bed. Her eyes partially open, a contended smile on her face, her breathing returning to normal. She sits up before me, smiling broadly. Placing her hand to her fingers to her mouth as she softly places a kiss, before blowing it in my direction, rolling off the bed; she heads out the door of her bedroom and disappears.