by D r a z

When we start on life’s mystery tour
There’s nothing we can take for sure
Problem is we are purely impulsive
Reactions to events are compulsive

As we grow we learn facts and skills
And all the ways to use our wills
This takes us up to new awareness
But we are still in senses harness

Understanding is next we find
Life’s patterns come to mind
Helping us to accept others views
Building a picture from the clues

Following this feelings are refined
Emotions ups and downs defined
Already we are becoming wise
Discerning and seeing through lies

Many understandings distil to real wisdom
Purified in thought, instinct and truth’s kingdom
Now we find that wayward emotion
Gives way to lasting and deep devotion

At last we have the tools to live right
Creative, loving, aware and bright
Now from our lower selves we are free
Floating, smiling and allowed to be