by D r a z

From our worrying, grasping, wanting cravings,
To our fearful, lonely, addicted ravings,
And our pushing, needing, ego-driven ambitions
With libellous, licentious, scorning seditions,
And our promiscuous, rebellious, empty passions
With our petulant, corrupt and wasteful fashions,
It’s hard to see how we can grow
But our spirit will let us know.

First there is peaceful, calm and quiet contemplation,
Coupled with soft, gentle prayer and meditation.
Follow this with friends, loves, and nature appreciation,
And find meanings, depths, flow, and inspiration.
Then there are negative tears, sadness, pain and escaping
With running, depressing thinking and endless waiting.
It’s all part of the journey to grow
And our spirit will let us know.

Next we find tolerance, kindness and long-term patience,
With forgiveness, hope, trust and understanding innocence,
Complete with humility, resilience and connection.
Then togetherness, and the spirits resurrection
With the sense of communion, vision and a true heart
Knowing the world’s beauty, and a willingness to start
On the road of the journey to grow,
Which our spirit will let us know.

Soon we find the strength, stamina and courage,
Waking, discovering, and accepting challenge.
Then comes consciousness and philosophical leanings
With insights, tolerance, letting go and healings.
Finally becoming a clear, devoted and love-filled being
Weightless, wise, bodiless and all seeing.
It’s the end of the journey we know
At last our soul is free to grow.