by Phedre

With a soft sigh Angela leans back at her desk resting her head in her hand cursor blinking on an empty screen. Tired of the same old thing, she'd almost decided to take a few more risks and see what the world had to offer. But sitting here wasn't getting her anywhere. Leaning forward she flips through her e-mails friends sending last ditch efforts to get her to go out and party with them. Not being much of one to go out, she routinely sends out no thank you and apologies.

Still today felt like a party day, at the very least she could get wasted and dance like crazy. Finally one of the invitations catches her eye and she responds to it quickly noting the time and place before she really thinks about backing out of it. Almost instantly her friend responds enthusiastically and says she'll pick her up at home in an hour. Biting her bottom lip she appraises the response and decides she probably ought to go home and change into something more party worthy.

Sifting through her closet she decides on a black swing dress, with matching stiletto heels dressing just as carefully under her clothes with a red corset and thong. While she stands in front of the full length mirror deciding if the outfit is just right.

She takes in the high gloss of her brunette hair and dark gray eyes, petal lips curling back off perfectly straight white teeth and the dark fringe of lashes around her eyes. Her makeup perfectly accenting her features, the dress clinging to her athletic build until she takes a step then to swing lightly around her.

Picking up a small sequined black purse, with money, credit cards, keys, and a cellphone she smiles content to be doing something out the ordinary. As the time to leave arrives she hears a knock on the door and rises to open it. Smiling as her best friend Beth slips through the door and into her arms. whispering. “I'm so Glad you're coming Angel, This party will be perfect for you to settle back into the party scene.”

Chuckling in a contralto Angela murmurs back. “Thanks for the invitation Beth. I needed a change of pace and scenery. Shall we get going?” Nodding softly Beth glides gracefully down the stairs from Angela's apartment and Whistles for a cab neither wanting to drive with the possibility of getting drunk at the party.

To swiftly the cab arrives at their destination and they both slip out of the cab tossing the fare and tip through the window as the cab speeds off behind them. Taking Beth's hand for courage they both stroll up to the door and knock, waiting only a moment before it opens to admit them, the lights blinking in time with the rhythmic music pulsing around them.

Making their way slowly into the room, Beth spins into Angela's arms and starts dancing with her. They move together perfectly and slowly Angela starts to feel more comfortable about being here. The ambiance on the place melting away all her misgivings, then they break from the dance to get something to drink.

They each take a mojito and Angela leans against the bar nursing it while Beth slips through the crowd to dance alone enjoying her anonymity and maybe attract someone to dance with her. A wide grin plays over Angela's face as she watches her friend, the mojito making her feel light and tingly as the music ripples around her, caressing her senses. Taking the last sip of her mojito she feels a hand rest on her shoulder. Angela looks around somewhat startled to see the statuesque beauty standing behind her.

With her mouth open she stammers out a hello, her gray eyed gaze sliding instinctively over the woman in front of her. Taking in the warm glow of her wavy auburn hair, heart shape of her high cheek boned face, and mysterious hazel eyes lit with flecks of liquid topaz. Finding it hard to look away from her intent eyes, Angela takes note of the black silk dress that falls delicately over every perfect inch.

Her black heeled toes, poking out from under the edge of the full length gown. Swallowing hard Angela tries to find her voice again but feels her throat tighten when the voice of the angel before her breaks against the drum of her ear. “Angela, isn't it? I was just talking to your friend Beth over there.” her chin motioning slightly in Beth's direction. “I was curious I've never seen her with anyone at these parties. When she took you out on the dance floor I was mesmerized by your beauty and easy sensuality.”

Stuttering, and blushing furiously. “Thank you very much, and you're right of course it is Angela, My friends call me Angel. I don't go out much but I needed to do something that was out of step with my usual routine. You seem to have the advantage over me. Would you mind telling me your name?”

As her bell like laughter chimes in Angela's ears, a blush coursing over her features. She leans in her full lips brushing over sensitive skin whispering. “My name is Margret, but you can call me Ms. Maggie.” the last syllable punctuated with her teeth nipping Angela's earlobe.

In a breathy whisper Angela responds. “It's a pleasure to meet you Ms... Maggie. How appropriate to make your acquaintance my first night out in a very, very, long time.”

Hearing Ms. Maggie's soft chuckle, feeling her long fingered hand brush over her belly and slide around her waist drawing her out onto the floor in a slow dance. Their bodies pressed together as they move through the intricate steps of a tango Angela's mind spinning with the whirl of the music and the graceful press of Margret's body gliding over hers and teasing her into ecstasy.

As their dance and the music grinds to a close, Angela feels her eyes pop open reluctantly having completely lost herself to the sensations gliding through her awareness only taking note now that the floor had cleared for them this causing a bright blush to tease over her face again.

Margret's free hand gliding up Angela's arm and kissing her hard. Gasping as all the warmth and tingling pleasure slips up her spine and devours all her senses, the awareness of the kiss lingering and making her dizzy with need.

Finally, Angela feels a stool beneath her and a cool mojito pressed into her hand Margret standing beside her a hand resting lightly at her elbow. A lazy grin plays over Angela's face, pressing the straw to her lips she takes a long sip feeling it cool her body but heat her desire.

Setting aside the drink Angela gently takes Margret's hand and stands feeling slightly more stable on her feet. Stepping towards her she presses soft kisses over her bottom lip whispering. “Ms. Maggie... I would love to go somewhere a little more intimate, so that I might get to know you better.”

Seeing the curve of a smile on Margret's face she feels Margret pull back slowly drawing Angela from the main room their fingers still entwined, and a rush of adrenaline growls through Angela the sensation almost taking her alcohol buzz.

As the door closes behind them Margret presses Angela back against the door and kisses her slow and hard, tongue teasing between her lips to delve into the heated cavern of her mouth. Panting wildly, Angela's nails glide up Margret's back, feeling the slide of the silk under her fingertips except where it falls against Margret's warm flesh.

Banging her head back against the door breaking the kiss Angela feels Margret's hands slowly crumple the short skirt of her dress in her hands while her lips and tongue tease down along her neck.

As her nipples tighten to the teasing of Margret's lips, Angela moans softly her shoulders pressed back into the door arching her chest to those teasing lips and hands. A groan of pleasure escaping her when Margret's fingers tease over her abs, brushing lightly at her belly button then over her nipples. Biting her lip Angela stutters. “Mm. Yes. Ms. Maggie. You're making me crazy.”

Suddenly Margret pulls Angela's dress off over her head and tosses it aside her mouth sucking hungrily on first the right then left nipple. Both hands cupping and lifting her Breasts, her tongue swirling in mad circles till Angela is almost whimpering with restrained bliss.

The corset finally drops to the floor and Margret kneels before Angela kissing her moist Mons through the red thong. Tongue flickering lightly over her thickening clit the fabric desensitizing the slip of her tongue.

Rocking to the motion of Margret's tongue Angela tangles her hands in the dark auburn tresses and holds her against her sex. Feeling her thong slide down her thighs she kicks it away and slides her knee over Margret's shoulder saying in a ragged whisper. “Oh God yes Ms. Maggie make me cum on your tongue.”

Hips pounding back against the door and forward onto Margret's tongue. Angela's Voice rising as the orgasm shimmers up her spine. A high Keening “Fuck” tears through the air as her orgasm rips through her dousing Margret's tongue and cheeks.

Slowly Margret laps at Angela's lips and inner thighs cleaning up the remnants of her pleasure, then rocking back onto her heel's she stands and wraps Angela into her arms kissing her panting lips the taste and sensations far more intoxicating than the mojitos.

Totally lost in the buzz of orgasmic bliss gently breaking the kiss by pulling back with Angela's lip still between her own she smiles and let's it slip free whispering. “Thank you Angel for sharing your pleasure with me.” as she reaches for the doorknob.

Angela rests her hand over Margret's and says. “Wait Ms... Maggie...” but before she can say more Margret presses a long finger to her lips with a soft Sh.

“This was only an encounter my Angel...Perhaps next time there will be more between us. For now just enjoy the pleasure I've given you and remember. It's always inspirational to step outside our everyday patterns.” With that she slipped through the door and was gone. Angela left scrambling to put her clothes back on her hair a tumbled mess.