This Love
by D r a z

This love we have is an exuberance,
An exhilaration of exquisite sensations
Filled with glorious magnificence
And surrounded by mystical delectations.

A golden glow pervades the wonder,
Filling our beings with indescribable bliss,
Surrounding us left and right and top and under
And soaking our souls with heavenís sweet kiss.

Intoxicated by the infinite beauty of every day things,
Awe filled with the unlimited extent of our human soul.
Blessed by the supreme joy - our love gains wings
And becomes divine as we are absorbed by the whole.

This abundance of enormous life filling zest
Transports us to the portals of paradise
Crowning our spirituality with the utmost best
Filling our senses and sparkling our eyes

Our sight filled with an iridescence
Sounds of a tumultuous symphony
The universe expanded in effervescence
Absorbing yet floating both you and me

Our spirits dripping fragrant with unimaginable grace.
Our bodies resonating with a rhythm of quivering ecstasy.
Certainty oozes over us - surely this is eternityís face.
This Love, this bliss blossoms profusely for all to see.