Practice makes Perfect
by D r a z

The practices we follow are a major decision.
Perfection soon follows with increasing precision.
Be careful what actions and words that we choose.
There's more than today's peace we stand to lose.

The man who starts his friends to deceive -
More deception than he can handle will soon receive;
But the man who deals straight with all who he meets,
Finds a treasure - increasing pleasure in all of his feats.

Those who start to tell lies with ease
Will find false hood their major disease.
He who tells the truth without exception
Each day receives a warmer reception

The teller of tales, who perverts the true story,
Soon is enveloped in gossip in all of its glory.
But he who knows when to speak or be quiet
Becomes more content walking in wisdom's light.

The idle man who wont do his work,
Even pleasant tasks he will soon shirk,
But those who try hard at all that they do
Find they can do more and receive their just due.

The lustful spending their time in perversion
Will drag themselves down in their corrupt diversion.
But the lover who loves with all of his soul,
Finds passion in good ration making him whole.

Those who allow themselves envy or greed
Find nothing in this world to satisfy their need.
Those who practice the art of contentment
Will gain all, without others' resentment.

Anger in a man can start out very small -
Allowed to grow it soon consumes all.
A tiny ugly thought can grow out of hand
Till it eats at a man's soul - more than he can stand

Those who dabble with evil in any of its disguises
Will be drawn into a world of unpleasant surprises.
The man who travels the road of good and virtue
Obtains increasing wisdom - the reserve of few!

Setting out in life thinking you have total control
Will force you all day your soul to patrol.
Letting the eternal through you have its own say
Will allow you some leisure and time to play.

Be careful whenever you start something new,
Examine your motives - make sure that they're true.
Follow your heart but use your head too,
As practice makes perfect in all that you do.