How I will love you
by D r a z

I値l love you in the mornings
Slip into you with out warnings
Soft and gentle loving - real slow
As if we致e nowhere else to go

I値l love you at noon
Loving you till you swoon
A little faster this time
Even our bodies will rhyme

I値l love you in the night
With passion at full height
Making us gasp for breathe
Till there痴 no passion left

I値l love you with me on top
Till you beg me to stop
With tenderness and fire
Till we can go no higher

I値l love you from behind
Deeply but still kind
With energy and thought
In ecstasy痴 net caught

I値l love you from the side
Holding your legs real wide
Hugging you so tight
No struggle, no fight

I値l love you with me under you
Letting you do what you want to do
Straddling me, riding me fast
Coming quick or making it last

I値l love you with my tongue
To make you come won稚 take long
With licking and poking
Loves fire stoking

I値l love you with my hand
With tender strokes you値l find hard to stand
Up and down and in and out,
Round and round, till you shout.

I値l love you with my gender
Hard or soft, rough or tender
But always with love and respect
And all the heat you can expect

I値l love you on the bed
Playing soft tunes inside your head
As we explore loves possibilities
And use all our bodies abilities

I値l love you in the shower
Not for a minute but for an hour
Taking time to wash every part
Reaching inside to cleanse your heart

I値l love you in the outdoors
In broad day light of course
Who cares if any one will see?
We will be lost in ecstasy

I値l love you in every room
In the sunlight and the gloom
Making memories everywhere
Risking risks, daring every dare

But most of all

I値l love you in your heart and head
Making sure no one else will do instead
We will make our bodies as one
As our souls have been since time begun