by D r a z

Choices we have to spend or to squander;
To be good, to be bad, to stay or to wander.
We can build or destroy others we meet;
Encourage, discourage, breakdown or complete.

We can be gracious, outrageous, speak nasty or well;
Selfless, self centred; stay quiet or tell.
We can be hateful or loving in the way that we live.
Become poor by withholding, or rich 'cos we give.

We can live for today, or live for tomorrow,
Beg, steal, earn or even borrow.
We can forgive all who hurt us or carry a grudge,
Move quickly when needed, or refuse to budge.

We can choose to be truthful, courageous and bold;
Or lie, be deceitful, cowardly and cold.
We can give our love freely with no thought of gain;
Or lustful, revengeful and give only pain.

We can be awake and aware and positive in spirit;
Or blind and deaf to the world and all in it.
We can choose to be honest and one who tries;
Or a destroyer, spreading mischief, gossip and lies.

We can be generous in nature giving to those in need;
Or envious, jealous and full of greed.
We can be free in spirit and soar on high;
Or entombed, imprisoned and living a lie.

Every second, every minute, every hour, every day
We make choices which soon become our way.
It's down to each and all of us to see
That the choice to make is TO BE THE BIGGER ME