A Princess' Desire
by BelladonnaTea

There once was a princess in a far away land,
Her hair was as soft as silk and as white as snow
Her skin was soft and unblemished,
her lips full and pink, like a porcelain doll,
her eyes blue like molten ice
her heart pure, like untouched snow.
One glorious morning, she gazed out of her bedroom window
her eyes locked onto the darkness beyond her land.
Day after day she gazed on at the never changing dark fog,
until finally her curiosity peaked, she turned to her
servant and asked "What is that darkness that never shiftsin the horizon?"
The servant whispered "it is a dark land, where the evilof mankind rests"
The princess turned to the window again, a deep need
to explore, to seek and to find filling her from inside.
And so one night, when the clock struck midnight,
the princess rode away towards the horizon.
For hours she chased a dark that was deeper than the night itself,
until her horse refused to go on, face to face with a barrier
that kept her animal from moving.
Dismounting the princess stepped into the fog,
surrounded by dead and forgotten trees,
finally reaching a petrified meadow,
in which a young man stood.
His hair was long and black,
his eyes glowing like flaming coals.
He held out his hand to her and she went to him,
a crimson fog rising from the ground.
She tried to scream and to get away,
but he held her to him,
close and tight,
giving the princess what she had desired.