by Anonymous

Deep inside where Darkness waits
i felt You drawing near
i kept my distance for a time
Unsure why i felt fear
Of You? Your words? Your gentle touch?
Or something else again
i felt it stir within my breast
The Darkness deep within
i'd guessed at it, and studied it
But still refused to see
i knew You sensed it from the start
This Darkness inside me
You laughed and held out Your hand
You wouldn't let me run
And soon enough i reached for it
O/our journey had begun
The struggle was inside myself
Cold fear mixed with Your heat
You didn't try to take my heart
i laid it at Your feet
You took it up and made it Yours
Held so light on it could shine
Then made me look at what i called
The Darkness that was mine
i saw that it was beautiful
When looked at through Your eyes
And so very much a part of me
Without it i would die
You taught me how to love myself
The part i couldn't see
Then mixed some starlight with the Dark
And gave it back to me