by Alexis Bruno-DJ

Alexis’s heart raced as she looked out over the clouds through the planes window. She hated flying but this was something she would have to do if she wanted to be with him. Taking in a few deep breaths Ali closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on the sound of music coming from her headphones. Soon the pilot’s muffled voice filled the cabin. Ali couldn’t understand exactly what was said except for a few words that made her heart skip a beat… one was “5 minutes” and the other was the word “landing”. It was time. In just a little bit she was going to get off the plane and make her way past tons of strangers and look into his eyes for the first time. Nervously she packed up her things and laid them under her seat, sitting upright as the attendants asked all passengers to do so. She began to have doubts… what if he doesn’t like me. What if I’m not his type… oh what if my breath stinks! Quickly she popped a mint and swished it around in her mouth. Then the landing… a bit skittish but because her nerves were elsewhere she didn’t seem to freak like she normally would when it came to the roughness and speed that a planes landing normally has.

After most had passed through the aisle it was her turn to get her things from the upper luggage rack. Her stomach twisted as she walked out the plane and out the terminal hallway. With so many people how was he going to find her? How would he pick her out of the crowd? She had told him the night before what she was going to wear so it would be a bit easier for him to pick her out of the sea of people. But at the last minute she had changed her mind and never had a chance to tell him of her new clothing choice. Quickly moving to get her suitcase off the luggage belt, and laying it next to her feet she reached into her purse and pulled out her cell phone and began to dial his number. With each number pressed her heart seemed to jump. It wasn’t like her normal safe phone calls she had placed before. He was in the same building as she was, and at any moment he was going to walk up to her and wrap his arms around her and give her the best hug she had possibly ever gotten in her life time. And those were his exact words. The phone began to ring… he answered “hello??” A strong manly voice, one that melted her heart over and over and made her heart flutter rang true in her ear. “Where are you…? I don’t see you yet”. She could hardly find the words; each syllable was forced past her lips as she spoke out “I just got my bags. Look for me at hanger 1A. Umm I’m not in the outfit I told you I would be in. Just look for a blonde with a pink suitcase and an I-pod hanging around her neck. You will know it’s me, I’m sure.”

Soon she hung up and started walking quickly down the hall; 3 inch heals clicked against the floor. Straps of black leather wrapped around her ankles and hugged tightly at her heal. Long legs carried her 5 foot 10inch (due to the heals) frame past shops and people hurrying like she was to get to the one who was there to pick them up. Exhaling as the last turn would send her into the 1A terminal smoothing down her soft buttoned up sweater that seemed to hug her every curve, making sure that the tank top that was underneath had not dipped to low, and show off too much cleavage. Hands slid down her waist and to her hips fixing any flaws in her skirt. Then moving down the hall dragging her pink suitcase behind her baby blue eyes lifted over the faces in the crowd. “Okay were is he.. Oh god is that…him” their eyes locked and it was all over, It was him.. There he stood so handsome, so tall, and smiling from ear to ear as his eyes met hers. He knew it was her just at the same time she found his gaze. Pushing off the wall, He walked over to her holding a large bouquet of pink roses out towards her. But before she could take them into her shaking hands, he wrapped his strong arms around her delicate frame and hugged her so tightly. Bringing her body close to his, burying his nose into her hair and breathing in the wonderful sent he had been dreaming about. “How’s that for a hug?”

Looking down at her with a smile that was only seen before in fuzzy online photos, she nodded slowly feeling a bit better. The hug seemed to wash away all of the first meeting jitters she had been feeling for over the past week. Finally he let her go only long enough to step back and hand her the flowers he almost forgot he was holding. “These had your name all over them. And well, .. um here” he had lost his train of thought when he looked her over, trying not to look over her frame to openly, but they had shared so many intimate moments over the phone that her body was a mystery to him and it was something he was wanting to unravel in due time. She was beautiful, long blonde hair that hung at her hips, curves in all the right places, small little waist and her chest was full and inviting, a small delicate sliver heart necklace hung around her neck and ended at her cleavage. Light makeup but her eyes were highlighted with just the right amount of mascara and liner which brought out the several shades of blues she had described to him over and over on the phone, but until he saw them in person, words would never of done them justice.

Taking her hand into his he would lead her out of the airport and towards his car. Stopping halfway to look at her again,” Your so beautiful.. I can’t believe you’re here.” She smiled and nodded “Yeah I felt the same way.. I was worried the flight was going to be canceled or something like that.” He laughed and looked down at her, and then reached out and caressed the side of her cheek with the back of his palm. “Well let’s hope the flight is canceled now that you’re here, and I can keep you longer.” Opening the trunk he placed her things into the car and closed it with a smile. Turning to face her, as she seemed to be looking around the parking lot and out towards the airport.

New sights and new sounds had her taking in everything all at once. She felt a hand slide into her own again, pulling her towards him. He was leaning against the car his back pressed to the passenger side door. Stepping up to him, as he gently pulled her back into a hug. Looking up at him a smile lacing her lips as she pressed her body against his, Hands sliding up along his chest as her eyes locked onto his gazing into his eyes. It felt so good to finally be in his arms. Leaning in closer to her, as he reached up and gently touched her cheek smiling down at her. His touch against her skin felt amazing, so soft yet his hand had a texture to it, he was a working man and the thought of rubbing his skin down with some lotion seemed to flood her thoughts just for a moment, but it was soon broken when she felt his lips brushing softly against hers. Whispers of kisses danced against their lips, each taking turns cherishing the feeling of what it was like to actually kiss human flesh and not some silly phone or dead air.

It was amazing, so amazing that it did not take long before they were kissing deeply. Lips pressing tightly against one another, parting slightly as if welcoming the others heart felt moan to vibrate against the others. His hand slid down her check and along her neck across her shoulder and down her arm, wrapping around her waist and pulling her body closer to him, his other hand moving to the other side of her hip pulling her closer still. Pressing against him it wasn’t long until she realized that there was more than passion building between the two of them. Something else was growing, and she couldn’t help but feel excited knowing that it was she who was doing this to him.

Moments passed, yet time its self seemed to stand still. He had dreamt of the moment she would be in his arms and he could feel her slender body pressing against him. Pulling away slightly forehead resting against hers as he looked into her eyes. “Im sure you’re tired and would like to get home.” She nodded, breathlessly speaking in return, “Yeah, I kind of would like to rest some, flying makes my head feel heavy.” He nodded “I remember you telling me that. I have something at home for you anyways. “ They got in his car and after a short drive they pulled up into his driveway. Putting it into park and turning off the engine he looked back at her and smiled. “I can’t keep my eyes off of you. I’m worried that if I blink your going to disappear and this is all a desperate dream of mine to feel you close” Alexis just smiled and turned to her left to smile up at him then moving closer it was her turn to start the kissing. Reaching up cupping his cheek with her small soft hand lips soft and sweet grazed over his. As her words danced a crossed his full tempting mouth. ”I’m here love.. And I feel the same, but this feels to real to be a dream and believe me I have had many dreams about today.” He smiled and leaned back to just gaze at her beauty, then a small chuckle erupted from deep inside his chest, shaking his head, as the smile on his lips grew even wider, “How is it that you always know the right thing to say!” She just smiled and opened up the car door and waited for him to get her things out of the trunk.

Chapt 2

After showing her around his humble abode he walked her to her room. Yes he was a gentleman enough that she would have just that; Her own room. Of course it didn’t mean she was stuck there but if it made her feel more comfortable then he would do what ever he could within his power to do so.

The day progressed into night and they couldn’t stop smiling, it felt so good having him within a fingers reach and not a phone call away. Every once in a while she would remember something she would want to tell him and her first instinct was to pick of her cell phone and dial the number, but then her gaze would shift and she would be staring directly at him.

After dinner was done and a few rounds of laughter later, they both had settled down onto the couch to watch a movie; something they talked about doing with one another time and time again. Resting up against the arm of the couch his legs parted, one hanging off the side and on the floor the other tucked into the back of the couch cushion, Alexis laid between them. Her head resting against his stomach as she snuggled down getting comfortable pulling a blanket over her., her back resting against his torso.

The movie was one they both had seen before, but never together as a couple. Soft strands of hair and brushed a crossed his arms a few times sending a shiver through his spine. Her hair was amazingly soft, more so than any other woman’s hair he had ever felt before. Silk or satin would have to be the best way he could describe how it felt resting against his forearm. The movie was still going but his mind wasn’t on the movie. It was on her. How she felt against him, how her fingers felt when she played with his hands, she was all he ever wanted in a woman. Whispering under his breath as he lifted his head to kiss the top of her hair, “Thank god for the Internet.” She smiled feeling his lips push against the top of her head, turning slowly to look up at him. She was thinking the exact same thing. “Yeah… Thank god for the Internet “ Crawling up moving against him, she mustered enough bravery to make the next move. Resting over him using her hands to keep herself from laying directly on him. Baby blue eyes gazed down at him, her pupils dilated slightly as they tend to do when they are looking at something that brings her much joy.

Strong arms wrapped around the small of her back and pulled her down to lie against him, his head lifted to welcome her lips into a deeper kiss. If felt good feeling her laying on top of him, and what made it more intense is that she initiated the whole thing. This took pressure off of him to make the next move and for that he was thankful. Soon their lips were parting their tongues seeking out the other. Each one of the kisses was broken by soft sighs of pleasure and to look into one another’s eyes for a moment before they went back down again for more passionate kissing. His hands couldn’t stay still, moving along the small of her back rising slowly up her spine a crossed her shoulder blades and then back down again. The weight of her body was the perfect pressure against him; her curves seemed to match to his body as if she were the 2nd half to a mold of perfection. Perfection that only the two of them together will ever obtain.

Lost in his touch her lips broke free from him and moved slowly down his neck. Tasting his skin kissing softly at first and then suckling at the nape of his neck. Gently he lifted her for a moment as he pulled his shirt off exposing his chest as so she may continue her trail of kisses to where ever she wished it to go. Fingertips roamed over his chest, learning each and every muscle, every dip every grove. A soft pleasurable moan lifted past his lips, as it seemed to get a tad louder now that she was touching his bare skin. The sound of him moaning heightened her senses, each breath she took seemed to become harder and shallower to take. Lips now dancing heatedly down his shoulders and over his chest. Kissing repeatedly where her fingers had just been only moments ago.

Wrapping his arms fully around her never breaking the kiss after she returned to kiss him once again on his lips he lifted her up and changed positions with her. Now she laid underneath him, kissing him deeper and deeper her hands began to slide over his chest and along his sides then back up along his back. He felt amazing on her, shifting slightly as he laid down some, resting his hips against her waist. Her legs wrapped around his legs as she pulled him in tighter.

Nothing in the world could break their moment, lost deeply in the passionate moment. Each forgetting that it was only hours that she had gotten off the plane and was standing in front of him for the first time. They were kissing each other as if they had known one another for an eternity. Hands roamed wildly over their bodies as if they couldn't get enough of the other. Words were not needed any more; just the touch and the feeling of bodies pressed against one another said enough. They needed each other. Unlike anything either of them had ever felt before.

Sliding his arms around her back he sat her up and started to pull off the little pink tank top she was wearing, freeing her from its cotton confines. Kissing her shoulders softly as her soft skin was exposed so openly. His lips meet the newly shared skin with a tenderness yet not without a newly heightened passion. She drove him wild. More so than any phone call could ever do. She may have moaned over the phone with him a few times before, but this was different. He could feel her breath rush a crossed his skin with each moan or exhale, he could hear her clothes shifting from the arch in her back every time his lips danced at her ear lobe. These were the little things that made love amazing these were the little things that made her being in his arms worth all the times he heard her say things like “soon.” when she wasn't necessarily ready to be with him physically. But now that she was there and she wasn't afraid any more, the wait made things even more heated. Shaking out his inner thoughts he let his mind go, now totally in tune with what her body was doing and needed.

Kissing down her neck down slowly to the sliver necklace, taking it gently in his hands and holding it for a moment and then lifting it to place the softest of kisses right at where it was resting, and then continued to kiss lower. His lips trailing down her skin meeting the round perfect bulge that was pushing out from the lavender bra she was wearing. Her breasts were images of perfection soft and round yet not to large but defiantly more then a mouthful. And that’s what he wanted he wanted to do nothing more than take them into his mouth. Reaching behind her he undid the clasps at her bra, one by one making sure each clasp was taken care of. Alexis exhaled feeling her breasts loosen in the bra; she was lost in his touch, trying her best to memorize how his lips felt against her skin. Even if his hands were a tad on the rough side, they felt amazing, almost a tickle as he touched her body. Watching him as his lips danced over her breasts, a soft moan escaped her lips. Trying to keep her eyes open as the pleasure seemed to grow with each kiss and pass of his hands. Then as her bra was undone she reached up and touched his cheek. Looking deeply within his eyes, Timidly almost scared that the moment was not going to be as they both had often spoke of, but for now, it was even better than anything the had ever imagined it would ever be.

His hands slid down her shoulders pushing the right bra strap slowly down her arm and off. Her hand coming up and holding the front of her bra to her body as he softly kissed where the strap once rested. Next he worked on the left side and did the same, leaving soft kisses as he took her hand and gently laid it to her side, watching the bra fall down to their lap. Round breasts with erect nipples freed at last from the satin material that seemed to be almost an unwanted barrier rested in front of him. Leaning in softly kissing the top of her breasts once again before lifting his hands and cupping them gently. Lifting them in his hands as his thumbs brushed gently a crossed her nipples.

Drawing in a deep breath as she looked into his eyes, staring back at him admiring the masculine features that captivated her so intensely. Neither broke their gaze for some time, then gently laying her back against the couch, he began to kiss all over her chest once more. Sliding his lips lower against her smooth skin, kissing down until his mouth met her nipple. Drawing it in, sucking softly against it. His tongue moving gently a crossed the little bump that seemed to grow harder with each passing of his tongue. Ali’s eyes closed as another sigh of pleasure filled his ears. She was enjoying the feeling against her nipples and it excited him to hear her make such enjoyable sounds. Pushing into her breast as he started to suck a bit harder, his other hand massaging and squeezing the opposite breast as to make sure each got their special moment of his devoted attention. Sucking harder yet, before pulling back his head; allowing her nipple to slip past his lips and then once again going down to take it into his mouth. Slipping it out again pressing his tongue flatly against her nipple one last time licking up and down before moving to her other breast and doing the exact same thing.

He could kiss her breasts for hours; they were beyond all he expected. So round and full, yet soft to the touch; she had an amazing body and he needed to see more of it. Looking down at her again before his hand slid past her chest and moved towards her stomach. Inching slowly towards the drawstring on her shorts. Watching for any slight uncomfortable expression upon her face. But there was none instead she lifted her hips slightly helping him take off the little shorts she was wearing.

It was amazing how easy it was to be with him, but there was something about him that just made her want to do things she wouldn’t normally dream of doing. And today was no different. She needed to be with him. The love she was experiencing was nothing like she had felt before, and to her, that made making love to him on their first night together perfectly alright.

Tossing the little shorts onto the floor, his heart racing, his breath quickening, and his hands seemed to tremble with a nervous arousal. Gazing down under him looking at her beautiful body knowing the only thing that separated them was a small amount of fabric and his own boxers. Whispering softly to her as he slid a strong hand along her torso. “We can stop here… and finish the movie if you want. “ He needed to say it, he loved her so much, that there was no way he would make her feel like she had to do anything she wasn’t willing and ready to do. Eyes of blue glimmered up at him as his words filled her heart. How lucky was she to have such a wonderful man in her life. He made her feel safe and secure for the first time in a long time. Hushed words danced off her lips and into his ears as she spoke up to reply, “I don’t want to stop… I love you…” Alexis’s lips were taken over again with his. Pressing a bit harder against them as he kissed her deeply. Her words were like an angelic song, which filled his whole body with warmth he had forgotten long time ago. Pulling away breathlessly he spoke again “Ali I want to make love to you.” She nodded and spoke again, “Take me to your room.”

Standing up slowly, but not before kissing her deeply again, never breaking the kiss as he picked her up in his arms and carried her to his bed. Laying her down gently and moving up along the side of her, his hands started to reacquaint themselves with her slender body. Fingertips coasted gingerly along her flat stomach, smoothing along her skin. Leaning over to gently place a soft kiss upon her belly button before advancing his fingers lower on her hips. Meeting the lace upon her panties he continued to move down slowly between her legs, his large hands grazed over the fabric of her panties, softly caressing, rubbing gently, working her into a warm wetness. Ali’s eyes closed as his hands moved over her panties, his touch turned her on so much. Lifting up against his hand, as he rubbed her a bit firmer and firmer until she could feel her pussy was warm and very moist. Reaching up again fingers hooking onto the sides of her panties, he began to slide them down. His eyes could not stay away from her body, she was like a precious jewel being revealed to the world for the first time, but luckily for him, he would be the only one who would ever get to gaze upon such treasure.

Now lying there fully naked, he took in her body, every curve, and every last inch of her needed to be remembered, embedded in his mind, so when she did have to leave him, this moment would live on in his memory for ever. Kissing her again, she was so receptive, each touch, each kiss welcomed with her own. She wanted him as much as he had wanted her and each moment that they were not joined as one seemed to make her need and want him more and more. A small hand slid down to his boxers, fingers gliding over a very hard budge that seemed to push against the fabric quiet intensely. Wanting to be freed of its cloth boundary, lifting slightly against her hand. Moving to the waistline, Alexis pulled down his boxers, freeing his hard erect shaft. Loosing her breath for a moment as she gazed down at it. Just the sight of it made her heart flutter with excitement. His body turned her on, more than she could ever express. There was something about him that just was absolutely amazing, and all she could think about was becoming one with him.

Lifting his body up and over her again, his hips lowering down upon hers. She could feel his hard shaft pushing down against her inner thigh, exhaling softly as the weight of his body felt so wonderful upon her. Raising her head to meet his lips with hers, before he broke the kiss and began to nibble down her neck. Trailing wet warm kisses along her silky skin. Again playing attention to her breasts, each nipple sucked upon, licked and lightly pulled with his lips before he would begin to kiss lower and lower down her stomach. Soon his lips found their way to her inner thighs, his lips dancing against her skin. Alexis’s breath started to quicken, each kiss that went lower caused her body to shiver in excitement. Fingers grazing the inner part of her thighs as he leaned in and placed the lightest of kisses at the slit of her lips. His tongue moving out and pushing against her wet pussy licking up the vertical slit, tasting her juices for the first time. Groaning loudly against her lips, as she seemed to join him in a pleasure filled moan. Hearing her moan like that sent his mind into overdrive, lapping down against her pussy his tongue taking in the wetness her lips held within its warm folds. Pressing into her with his tongue as his fingers gently parted her lips exposing the delicate inner parts of her womanly body. Licking up slowly pushing his tongue flat upon the wet pink folds of her pussy. This time as he licked up, the tip of his tongue would find her clit, stopping there as he began to lick it gently at first. Alexis couldn’t keep quiet the feeling of his tongue upon her clit, it felt so good and all she could do was call out his name, whimpering it as her words carried through the air filling his ears and building up his confidence that he was doing something right.

Pushing harder against it, leaning in and drawing the sweet little bump into his lips, sucking tightly against it. Alexis’s back arched, pushing her hips down into the bed, his head followed not breaking the suction. After a few more intense pulls with his mouth, he broke free but only to come back down with a flicker of his tongue against the wet button. He was driving her crazy, and he knew it, and it was a great feeling. He was in control of her pleasure and it turned him on so badly. It took ever ounce of him to not slide up and just take her right then and there, but instead he dove his face back down and dipped his tongue deeply within her wet pussy. Twirling and pumping his tongue as best as he could, lapping up the wetness he was having a hand in creating, Alexis was now lost in pleasure, his licking caused her thighs and legs to tremble with each lick. Gripping the blankets on the bed as her body writhed in pleasure, breathing out with loud moans and gasping for air calling out his name. Now licking widely, working her clit feverously wanting her to cum against his mouth, and by the sound of it she was getting very close to that point. Flicking harder and faster he felt her thighs tighten, and the words he had been working so hard to hear filled his ears. “Oh God baby.. I’m going to cummmm” Alexis’s body tightened as he dipped his tongue back into her pussy working the clit harder and faster making her scream louder and louder until she was begging him to slow down. But then quickly he pushed his tongue into her hole and wiggled his tongue vigorously in the hot wet juices pumping in and out as her hot very wet pussy pulsed and throbbed against it. Slowing down working his tongue in and out a few more times before giving her pussy one last long enjoyable lick. Then kissing it softly before looking back up at her. Smiling softly as he moved back up her relaxed body. Kissing every inch he could before moving to her lips and kissing her lovingly. “Feel good baby?” All Alexis could do was nod for the time being. Trying to catch her breath, and swallowing a few times due to her mouth having become so dry from the moaning she had done.

With out anything being said Ali slid out from under him and gently pushed him onto his back. Smiling softly as she crawled up between his legs, her knees bent, legs tucked under her little round ass as she reached out and slid her fingertips along the inner sides of his legs. Fingers slowly making their way up past his knees and into his inner thighs her body extending out, her back straightening as she continued to move up his body. Blonde hair slid past her back and down her arms, sweeping against his skin as she leaned closer, her fingers now moving closer to the base of his pelvic area. Delicately touching, fingers sweeping inwards as her eyes lifted from his legs to his cock. It looked so inviting to her. Standing straight up fully erect, the head round and swollen, and what looked like a bit of pre-cum was trickling out of its small opening drove her crazy. All she could think about was taking it into her mouth and sucking it as to try and make him moan as loudly as he did her. Lowering herself down further, her warm breath now beating against the head as she slid her tongue from her mouth and gave the tip a small lick. Instantly sending him a shiver though his body. Alexis could hear him moan and that just encouraged her to continue on. A hand gently taking hold of the shaft at the base as her tongue began to lick around the head, using the curves as spots to push in harder making his eyes close and back arch as she did so. Placing a kiss at the head before her lips would lock around it, drawing it into her mouth and sucking firmly allowing her tongue to tease it as she did so.

Moving slowly down the shaft with her lips wrapped around it, Alexis could feel it lifting slightly within her mouth locking her lips tightly as she began to suck harder and harder. Baby blue eyes lifted and locked upon his face, watching him exhale in complete pleasure. Looking back at her was such a turn on for him, watching her take his hard cock into her mouth and hearing her moan as she did so made it that much more extreme for him. Reaching out to slide his fingers into her hair pushing her gently down onto his throbbing cock, he could feel his balls tighten slightly from the pleasure he was receiving. She could feel his hands on her head, which seemed to give her notion to continue to suck harder, but instead she would start to move her head up and down slowly pumping his cock within her mouth. Up and down she continued to work as her hand slid up at the base of his shaft, starting to twist and turn moving up and down with her hand as her lips followed in the same motion.

His eyes closed once again, moaning louder and louder each movement of her hand and mouth sent an electric shock through his body, his toes curled as he felt her tongue moving wildly underneath his shaft. Alexis’s lips felt amazing as well, so wet and soft, as they slid up and down his shaft, then with out warning he felt his cock pop free from her mouth and spring back up to full attention. Looking down at her as she smiled back up at him, her hand still holding his shaft gently she began to lick down the sides and back across the head once more, then with out warning she dove back down taking it back into her mouth and started the whole process over again. Calling out her name he could feel himself almost loose control just at the moment she let his cock go, sliding down to take a ball into her mouth sucking gently, teasing it. He couldn’t take it any more, he had to stop her, he didn’t want to cum just yet, He wanted to make love to her, even if she had taken him to a point where if she didn’t stop now, he may just loose full control. “Baby…. I want you…” he said looking down at her, watching her work his balls and shaft with her mouth.

She was so beautiful, and it turned him on watching her work his body like she did. But he couldn’t handle it any more, gently pulling away from her, helping her lay back as he moved up between her legs, parting them slowly at her knees, his cock throbbed more and more as her wet pussy was revealed once again. Moving closer to her, as he took his cock into his hand and began to glide it over her wet lips. Teasing the skin with his round head, pushing slightly forward allowing the tip to push past the wet lips and meet her swollen clit. Using his hand to slide it up and down against it sweeping it back and forth stimulating the already aroused organ. Then gently he pushed his cock slowly into her tight wet walls, gliding it slowly in, resting it deeply within. The feeling of pressure followed by his cock sliding into her was so amazing, it had been so long since she had felt anything like that, and some how this time around felt even better than it did before. “Oh babyyy” she said as her words stretched out for more than their normal syllables would usually take. He found himself moaning with her as he leaned forward and kissed her lovingly, keeping still for a moment, just taking in how she felt around him. Then lifting his hips and gently pulling out and then pushing back in again, doing this several times before pushing down once more and then starting to rock in and out. The sounds of Alexis moaning filled the room, with each thrust inward she seemed to get louder and louder. Matching her moans was his own, starting to grunt, as his slow rocking movements became quicker harder thrusts. Taking a hold of her long slender legs and pulling them up and over his shoulder, causing her to get even tighter around his cock. Pushing in harder and deeper still, bucking his hips wildly as she called out to him begging him to move faster and harder, telling him to take her for she was his.

Hearing these words he pulled out and looked down at her and spoke almost out of breath, “Move onto all fours baby... I want to fuck you from behind” Alexis moaned loudly, she never told him but she loved a man who knew what he wanted and demanded such in bed. Crawling up onto all fours but not before reaching out to slide her hand along his wet cock sending a jolt though his body once again. Moaning as he moved away from her and watched her turn around, there in front of him was the hottest ass he had ever seen, She was perfect, so smooth, round and tight, almost heart shape from her waist down to her cheeks. And peeking between her legs he could see the top of her pussy and just a tad of her inner lips pushing out from their hot wet folds. Grabbing her ass and smacking it with a flat palm, before gently gliding his cock back into her wet pussy. Starting to rock slowly at first, but within a moment or two he had picked up speed once again, and started to push deeply within her, his balls smacking against her. Looking back behind her as she watched him start to buck his hips, pushing her forward slightly, bracing herself as she moaned louder and louder soon rocking back and forth with him. Her breasts rocked as she did, reaching up trying to hold her breasts still as he pushed in harder and faster. She could feel her pussy tightening as he slammed in harder and deeper, each time he grunted her body was pushed forward, moaning louder and louder sending him into a wild fit of thrusts. He could feel her tighten around his cock, thrusting harder and harder, rocking his hips in a bit of a circle, before pushing in deeper as he heard her scream out as she started to cum on his cock. Screaming out his name over and over as her words turned into whimpers, as he pumped in and out faster and faster, working her into frenzy. Now begging him to cum as she looked over her shoulder at him, his eyes closed as she pumped in and out, then grunting as he pushed in harder still and then exploding deep within her. Feeling his hot cum filling up her pussy, spurting out like he had never felt himself do so before. Rocking back and forth yelling out in pure enjoyment as the rush of the climax flooded his body. Slowing down as she whimpered out in excitement, moving gently now back and forth a few more times making sure that both of their juices were mixed and made into one before he gently pulled out and kissed the small for her back. “Wow…” was all he could muster as he slid down to lay next to her, pulling her down into a loving embrace. “I love you so much..” he said kissing the top of her head as she snuggled up against him. “And I love you baby.” She said lifting her head to kiss his lips. He tasted like salt from the sweat he had accumulated from all the physical activity, but to her he still was as sweet as the firs time they kissed. Holding her close, never wanting to let her go, he looked down at her in complete awe. Alexis could feel his hands slide along her back, still slightly rough but her skin was so sensitive that it was an amazing feeling something she would never want to take for granite. He held her like she was the most precious thing to him, and she knew she was. Leaning in to kiss him softly, before laying her head back down on the pillow, curling up and after a few moments; drifting off into a peaceful slumber. Unlike Alexis he couldn’t sleep just yet, he was still marveling in how wonderful she made him feel and how much he loved her. Kissing her forehead again and again, watching her sleep, even then she looked like an angel to him. Smiling gently brushing back her hair from her face whispering how lucky he was to have her in his life. Then after an hour of doing this he figured it was best he too got some sleep, for when she woke up, perhaps they could make love all over again. And for this reason he needed all the rest he could get. Closing his eyes, one last thought filled his mind. “How can I get that plane to cancel the fight…”

The End.