Every Monday is MUD/JELLO wrestling day in Lady Anns
Midnight EST to Midnight EST

By popular request Lady Anns has built a wrestling pit, 15 foot diameter for wrestling in Jello or mud. The pit can be found next to the mechanical bull

Matches to be held during every Monday. Top Billing matches will be promoted in advance with times. Wrestling can take place any time during the week but Mondays we will focus on them

Wrestlers who have an opponent already ..please inform an admin and they will announce the match.
Wrestlers seeking an opponent, an admin will ask the room

The Matches

At the begining of each bout the contestants can nominate the pit be filled with mud, jello , chocolate pudding or anything else!

Matches consist of 3 rounds of 5 minutes each . To start a match, the contestants much be in their corners (Red and Blue). The referee signals the match to begin.

SCORING : 3 takedowns or one submission determines the winner. A take down is when contact with the ground is made with the butt, or any upper body part other than the hands. When a takedown occurs, the officials will call for a break and each person must return to neutral areas before the competition continues.

At the end of the match, the referee must announce the winner. If the match is concluded a tie by the referee (no pins), it will be up to the audience to decide who shall win. The contestant with the most support gets the win.

Matches may be same sex or mixed

1       Clothing: No shoes and genitals and female breasts must be covered. Wrestlers cannot remove each otherís clothing

2       Be nice or get disqualified: no head butting, gouging, choking, kneeing, scratching or biting

3       wrestlers must be in the pit at all times

4       Audience: This is an audience participation sport. Your cheers, boos, and financial support are all greatly appreciated. Getting in the ring with the wrestlers or touching them in any way will get you dotted or booted

5       Offenders face the possibility of a 24 hour ban.

Past Events

Dirty and Touchdown wrestle in jello in june 2015
hanna and 321driver in a hilarious Sumo match
Two matches out of a best of three series between Hanna and Myls (july 2014)
..Cant wait for the decider !!

Dirty and Gabriela May 2014
saphire Elcoyote 11th Decemver 12
wrestle violet and webster 3 Dec 12
wrestling 12 Nov 12, violet and Rider, hanna and Zona