Lady Ann's Private Dancing Suite

Dances have been a regular feature of Lady Anns for many years and are very popular with our guests. We have the best dancers in Paltalk.

In the private VIP Lounge the dancer will give a one-on-one dance

This may be a lap dance, pole dance or other exotic dance

It is emphasised that the dancer is offering a dance and not SEX of any description. The dancer is offering the dance on this express understanding


There are two ways a VIP dance will be offered:
1       A dancer will make a private arrangement with a guest
2       A competition will be held See here for details

When a dancer wishes to offer a private dance they need to contact an admin to who will:
a) Offer a key in the case of 1. above, or
b) arrange a competition in the case of 2. above
In both cases the dancer or admin needs to talk to the DJ and ask for suitable music to be played for the dance

The admin will make a room anouncement on the dance: who is dancing, nude or non-nude, and any other limitations and hold the competition if required.

1       The Dance is just that ... an erotic dance ... No sexual act is implied by the dancer by offering the dance

2       The dancer will go into DND during the dance to stop interuptions to the dance

3       It is entirely up to the dancer if they go completely nude. The dancer will make it clear when the offer to dance is made

4       The Dance has a time limit of 20 minutes. Most dances will last less than this

5       The dancer can terminate the dance at any time for infringing their limits or the rules. They may also ask an @admin to be in the VIP lounge.

6       Offenders face the possibility of a 24 hour ban.

List of dancers offering VIP dances
Being listed here does not mean that the dancer is always available for VIP dances . They will make it clear in the room when they are offering to dance



The Vip Lounge is situated just off the main room

The door is locked from the inside with the VIP key ( which the dancer keeps)

The facilities include a seating area and a stage with a pole

The ambience is designed to give a luxurious and classy environment for our exotic dancers to entertain one-on-one

Hot Date Venue.

The VIP lounge is also available for those special one-on-one dates

Entertain your date with a complementary bottle of champagne, or one of our sexy cocktails

Maybe you could even persuade your date to dance for you

See an @admin to book the VIP suite