The Lady Anns Valentines Party 2014
From Midnight to Midnight Friday 14th February

Its a time of year to bring us all together to celebrate another year of the hot fun we all enjoy in Lady Anns's throughout the year

We will have all the usual hot events of the week ... the auctions, the hot erotic dancers and the body shots. These will all have a special valentines twist to them

Also we will be featuring during the day The Kissing Booth , an erotic storyb reading, a maning contest and a musical chairs game

Dress Code Men: Tuxedos; Ladies: Red or white Dress

Tune Dedications :
Our DJ's will be taking named or Secret (wish you were my valentine) dedications
Erotic mic events

The mic will be opened at various times in the day for the following

1       A reading of an erotic story . The text is being chosen by Cheyenne_Love. If interested in reading a paragraph please contact Chey

2       Moaning Contest... open to both men and women . Each contestant to be given 30 seconds to moan. The room will then vote by show of hands.

3       Pick up Line....Everyone will be given the chance to try their best sexy pick upline on the mic (or in text for those unable to use mic)

Keep it sexy but classy!! Make it erotic but not explicit

Times :
mid-day to 3 pm EST ( 5pm to 8pm UK) and 9 pm to midnight (EST)

The Kissing Booth

1       One person will stand in the booth

2       Any one within the persons limits can then kiss them

Kisses are mouth to mouth ..... keep it sexy but classy!!... No Guy On Guy Kissing

Hugging ok ... touching of breasts and genitals with hands not ok ........

The person in the booth will be there for time slots of 15 minutes. Admins can allocate extra slots to run on or after others on the list

See an admin if you want to be placed in the booth ........admins will ask for volunteers in the day ...... they will keep lists of those wishing to be in the booth and those wishing to kiss them and will call the order of people
More details Here
Musical Chairs

At Various times during the day a game willbe announced :
1       The Room will be asked who wishes to take part.The Organiser will then note themdown

2       Every one will be assumed tobe wearing 5 pieces of clothing down to underwear

3       when the music stops the last person to say "SITS" loses a piece of clothing which they will describe (Once down to underwear the participant will be given a LAB robe and sits out the rest of the game

5       The music will then start again and the winner is the last one with any clothes on

Keep it sexy but classy!!
Make it erotic but not explicit