September 19th 2011 (International Talk Like A Pirate day)

starting at 11 pm Pacific Time September 18th , 2 am EST, 7am in UK and in Oz land about 6pm.
It will run for exactly 24 hours.( till midnight September 19th.. EST)

Avast and belay me hearties ...
The Navies of Spain and England have recently had major sucesses in curtailing the activities of pirates in the Caribbean. All the worlds pirates have arranged to meet to discuss how they can counter the offensive. This is the first shore leave many of these pirates, brigands, privateers, corsairs, marooners and buckaneers have had for years. The Red Light District is expected to be exceedingly busy during this conference with rampant, roudy and bawdy pirate ships' crews. They will be trading their captives in the auctions and some will just be in for a goodtime. Already girls are pouring in to meet up with this motley crew.
The Men

Girls meet both swashbuckling, admirable rogues, nobly defending their way of life; and bloodthirsty devils, intent on raping and sadistic torture.

Girls be careful you dont get lashed to a mast and ravaged

There will also be "crimps" ... those pressganged onto pirate ships .. just looking for a good time

Whatever your taste ladies you will be well satisfied by the motley crew assembling here

The pirates are all anticipating the "Jolly Rogering"

Grommets, landlubbers and other novices will be welcome but bring along your own rum or bumboo

The Women

Some of the famous women pirates, who are even more viscious than their male counterparts, will be there looking to take advantage of the auctions. But be careful you dont get pressganged into their service !!

One of the characteristics of pirates was their brutal treatment of female prisoners, who commonly were 'rogered at the rail' by one and all and then thrown overboard, to fend for themselves.
The auctions will be packed with captured slaves from the pirates boats, both those who have been well used and those who have been saved from the men

Serving wenches and single girls from all around the area will be congregating at the market

The Auctions

Auctions will be held throughout the day. Pirates will be allowed to bring in their own slaves and others will be gathered from our own resources.

Come and take advantage of the booty!! Bring along your pieces of eight. Splice your mainbrace and jig your hornpipe


For the sake of good order in the market All weapons will be deposited at the door, and collected on the way out

All trolls and King's men will not be tolerated and will be subjected to traditional pirate punishments and sent down to meet Ol' Davey Jones, including:
Walking the Plank
being fed their own testacles
Keel hauling
Marooning on a desert island
Cat of Nine Tails
Being tied to the mast and pelted with broken bottles

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