Lady Anns Staff
and what they do


Those on duty are distinguished by the @ in front of their name.
They are the only ones allowed to call a "list" or auction for a working girl to ensure the girl is authorised and willing to be allocated a client.

They are there to ensure the smooth running of Lady Anns and will intervene in bad behaviour, firstly trying reason, but do have the ability to red-dot and bounce. The ultimate sanction is a ban its the ip that is banned all nicks from that ip will not be able to access the room

They will be able at any time to assist you with any problems you may encounterand provide you with background information.

List of Current Managers

D r a z


DJ Rules

DJ's must be able to play through the sound card and to have songs on their pc - you can't just stream radio or youtube

Only main stream music is acceptable. No Techno, trance, hardcore rap. Please keep a variety of music in your playlist. Your entertaining more then just yourself.

Only Authorised DJ's may use the mic. All authorised DJs are listed here on the website. Verification that they are ok to play must be made through either the room owner or the head dj

Dj's should raise their hand indicating they want the mic or would like to share the mic on say 5 song sets. Those wanting to rotate will keep their hands raised until its their turn to take the mic.
If you enter as a DJ into the room, please be prepared to take over the mic. as others may need a break

Any admin may take the mic in the event that no dj is availabe to play. However once an approved dj shows up they must ask if that person would like to take the mic.

Approved DJ's

Bad choice_1

List of Current Working Girls

Just because a girl is on this list does not mean she is always working. If she has a blue font she is indicating she is thinking of working. Only when she goes to sit on the couch is she indicating that a competition for her time is about to start
Click Here for more details

Bar Staff

Head of Bar staff is D r a z please see him if interested in becoming bar staff
Bar Staff are indicated by red font and will serve you drinks. When no bar staff are on duty the manager may serve or call a free bar. First drinks for unescorted girls are free. Working girls may also ask you to buy her a drink


Hostesses are responsible for welcoming and settling guests. They are not working girls so please do not assume that they are available for intimate purposes
They are designated by a purple font

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