Introduction to the Room

General Introduction
This is an adult room. There is no owner of the room - it belongs to its members, and all types of people are welcome. The only requirement is that everyone treats each other with respect and as a general advice to newbies .. watch the room for a while and do read the rules.

The diversity of peoples the room attracts is one of its main strengths. The diferent countries, backgrounds, religions, and flavours all add the rich variety of people you will meet here.
It is also one of the areas of posssible conflict.
It is required that everyone shows respect to each other; show tolerance of conflicting views to their own; and deal with one another in a polite and rational way.

The Auctions and Lists
Auctions and Lists are held in the room from time to time. (Details here) They add some spice and excitement to the room and provide a good way to introduce yourself and meet new people. You too can have your moment center stage when you can tell the room who and what you are and what you are looking for.

This is primarily a chat room with a "kinky" twist. Respect of each other is expected, creativity applauded, and interactivity welcomed. Most of all the room exists for everyone to enjoy. Some guidlines will help keep the environment comfortable for all :

Age This is an adult room. You must be 18+ and a legal adult in your area.

Profiles It will help you if you have a full profile and empty profiles raise suspicions. Those without a profile will not be allowed to win a working girl. Why? because of age and gender issues and because the girl also needs some background and visuals to stimulate her. Please also spend some time reading others profiles

Font Size Please restrict your font size to medium. This helps particularly when auctions are taking place

PM's/ IM's Please do not pm anyone without first asking their pemission in the open room. If you do .. you risk having your pm posted in the room and being iggied by the person you pm'd and maybe others as well. Persist and you will be bounced from the room

Posting descriptions Please show some respect by keeping introductory postings brief. Creative postings receive more positive responses

Scening There is adult scening in the room .. . Long copy/ paste scenes are not appropriate. Creative and spontaneous serves and dances are welcomed.

Voice Voice is allowed only on Mondays. Please be fair to all users: dont hog the mic and give breaks for voice chatting if you are playing music. The room will soon tell you if your choice of music is good or not!

Webcams No webcams are allowed in the room. This is a fantasy brothel and cams would attract the wrong types.

Dancers When Pole and Lap dancers are performing there is a stricly NO HANDLING THE DANCERS rule.

Nudity No Nudity in the main room, nudity only allowed in the cages provided around the place.

Room Napping
Anyone found harvesting members of this room for other rooms or events or orgies outside the room face being banned

Be aware that there are real people, just like Y/you, typing the words that Y/you see on the screen. Chat rooms have the ability to directly affect the minds and emotional states of the people using it. Be careful what is said and how it is said.

The room has a "no teasing the newbies" policy. Please be polite and welcoming to guests and newbies. New members are the long term life blood of the room.

Abusive behaviour of any kind is not tolerated and will be pounced upon by all room members. Managers will bounce repeat offenders and you may even be banned from use of the room

Members are tolerant to various codes conduct and normal sub/ Dom etiquette is Ok in the room but dont be offended if others dont understand

Some links to good online articles on sub and Dominant etiquette can be found here

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