The Lady Anns Christmas Party 2011 was a huge success
The Mistletoe Booth was the most outstanding feature of the party

By Popular demand we are incorporating the idea into the every day events of Lady Anns. A kissing Booth has there fore been erected at the edge of the stage

The General Idea

A kissing booth run in the open room

1       One person will volunteer to be in the kssing booth and wear a blue font

2       Any one within the persons limits can then kiss them

Kisses are mouth to mouth ..... keep it sexy but classy!!... No Guy On Guy Kissing

Hugging ok ... touching of breasts and genitals not ok ........

The person in the booth will be there for time slots of 15 minutes. Admins can allocate extra slots to run on or after others on the list

See an admin if you want to be placed in the booth ........admins will ask for volunteers in the day ...... they will keep lists of those wishing to be in the booth and those wishing to kiss them and will call the order of people

Anyone wanting to be in the kissing booth will ask an admin to announce it and change their font to Blue
(Its a good idea to have one who wants to kiss you ready)

Anyone wishing to kiss the one in the booth will ask to be placed on the list

The list will be discussed with the one in the kissing booth and its their final decision who receives a kiss and the order of being called

In some cases an auction will be held to decide who gets the kiss .
For Auction Rules Click Here

The time in the booth will be restricted to 15 minutes per kiss

Those wishing to follow on from a current kisser should see an admin

Normal room rules apply ......make it fun ...but please keep it respectful and classy

Rules Make it sexy ... but keep it classy !!

All kisses to be conducted clothed. No nudity.

No Guy On Guy Kissing

Hugging ok ... touching of breasts and genitals not ok

Kisses are mouth to mouth ..... keep it sexy but classy!!

Please keep all comments during the kiss to complement the shot participants. Any destructive comments or those that could destroy the atmosphere created by the kiss will result in the offender being dotted.

For Vip Dances Click Here
For upstairs rooms Click Here
For Auction Rules Click Here

October2015: Poppy and Ed; Heart and Kelleen, grey, bull and trisha
Kelleen and Scarlett
Kelleen and lia
11 kisses with Phedre
kiss with dirty girl and aishiaa 19 feb13
kisses 22 jan 13lauren- Soul, Garrett-sexygamer
kisses 18-dec-12 rachel-bob, holly-Elcoyote, holly-goober
lynn - alch kiss29-11-12
kisses27-11-12Violet-lynn, alchemicsoul- lynn
aishiaa emma andrea 15-11-12
Draz blossom 13-11-12
holly draz 26-10-12
kisses 23-10-12zona and hanna, blossom and saph, blossom and zamosc
zona and andrea
zona and holly 5-8-12
17-7-12 saphire_a_blaze and bob; saphire_a_blaze and xkassiex
lilac and holly 12-7-12
kiss violet and holly 16-6-12
13-6-12 kisses Draz and Holly; Holly and lilac
15-5-12 kisses Draz and andrea; Beautifulgeek and soul
arieslady62 and scarlett2angel .... a really hot girl on girl kiss
Hot_Holly and MikeWach .... hot man and girl kiss
arieslady62 and scarlett2angel .... another hot girl on girl kiss
Holly and spit; aries and bad; holly and CJ on 1st match 2012

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