Lady Ann's Fantasy Rooms
Spice up your private session by booking one of our fantasy rooms
Let your imagination run riot

This room is a dream come true for sex machine enthusiasts. It features several contraptions to copulate on, including the new automated love chair from Korea, and it looks like one of those high-end sex toy stores

School girl fantasies pervade every culture, but there's something about the sailor uniform that makes boys go wild. This room replicates a typical Japanese public high school classroom. Notice how the clock is set to 3:40 p.m., right around the time when most students have left the building and you can have your horny after-school detention student all to yourself.
Or Maybe you see this girl in your mind's eye
Or Maybe you want that sweet schoolgirl like this one

A room for restraining a partner .. with secured cuffs on the floor over a bench and on the over bench structure. This room is soundproofed and extra cooled for the extra passion

The Bridal suite for the fantasy of taking a virgin bride ... or maybe you want to re-enact your wedding night

The Miami Blue Suite is the perfect place to party and has a modern, airy, Miami feel. The primary feature is a giant C-shaped bed lined with blue, imported Italian tile. LED rope lighting and mirrored toe-kicks beneath the bed create the illusion that the bed floats above the floor. Laid-out like a party lounge, a solid-surface DJ table in “Milk Glass” foregrounds the second most noticeable feature: a wall of turntables and jam boxes framed in LED-lit alcoves. Additional features include custom-designed minimalist furniture, a custom, color-matched rug produced in Sweden, floor-to-ceiling sheers, sconce lighting, and mirrored ceiling niches.

The suspended swing room will add a new dimension to your visit. The black theme will add to the naughty but nice feel of this room

ROOM 007
The 007 James Bond room allows you to savour all your spie fantasies. Think of a Title of a James Bond Movie and take it from there.

You might not have spidey-vision or look like Toby McGuire, but if you're lucky enough to book the Spider Room, you can try to swing from wall to wall on the web-like chains that hang from its mirrored ceiling. The rotating bed gives an added dimension of movement to this superhero's lair.

Featuring a mirrored ceiling, this sexy urban jungle has metallic-silver porcelain wall tile that contrasts with the rich hardwood floors and gives the suite a modern feel. The bronze mirrored ceiling, croc-skin custom furniture, and giant hand-painted wall murals of girls and gorilla make this a distinctly dark, savage, sexy urban jungle.

The Levitation room ... where everything seems to float free. Let your passions soar in here. See if you can reach new heights.

Experience a winter wonderland without the freezing cold temperatures in this snow chamber-like Arctic Room. When you are hot this is the place to keep you cool while you enjoy each other. Friction is the best form of heat ... so get those bodies together .. see if you can melt the ice

The space experience room is for those who need more than the earth moving when they make love. Fly to the moon or play amongst the stars. Let the universe fill your minds as you reach the feeling of eternity

Everyone knows that aliens perform kinky body exams when they kidnap humans. Here, in the Alien Abduction Play Area, lovers can fiddle with the fake knobs, watch Star Wars, and reenact the pleasurable horrors of intergalactic seduction. Don't forget to take advantage of the breast padding on the platform for otherwordly experiments. Plus there is the retractable tentacles to add that extra dimension.

Jail. Fantasise about locking someone up and haveing them plead to be released. They will do anything to get out of jail. Or, you are the warder and are going to have your way with the inmate come what may

Pool Room. Hmmm hot sex followed by a swim. or a swim leading to some hot sex .... you choose

The suspended bed room. Plenty of room here for fun and frolics before climbing up to the suspended bed. Hang from the beams, chase each other under and around the beams. Have all the fun you can think of.

One of the uses of room 16 is to roleplay a Pirates fantasy. Girls can meet both swashbuckling, admirable rogues, nobly defending their way of life; and bloodthirsty devils, intent on raping and sadistic torture.Girls be careful you dont get lashed to a mast and ravaged.One of the characteristics of pirates was their brutal treatment of female prisoners, who commonly were 'rogered at the rail' by one and all and then thrown overboard, to fend for themselves. All are all anticipating the "Jolly Rogering"

Belinda's Room
For those with urgent needs we offer belinda our ever ready babe ... realistic in every respect. Shes Mute and doesnt move but all her parts are working. Dress her as you wish .Strip her as you wish. She will never complain and will always be available.

Or Try a 3-some
with Belinda and her friend Tootsie >>>>>>>>
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Rachel and Andrea's Cave Room
For the caveman in you
this is the place for you< Let your primevil thoughts rage
All mod cons

Sea View
For the Romantic
this is the place for you
Sea View and relaxed ambience
All mod cons

Halloween Room
For the Vampire in you
Let your beast loose
coffins can be supplied

Medical Examination Room
Time to play Doctors and Nurses
For those close up examinations
Don't forget your stiffascope

The Tree House
Click pic for more details

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