The imaginations of Lady Ann's people is legend
The Fantasy Date Booth uses that creativity to set up dates to remember

The best sexual organ of all is the brain ..use it and it gets better ...use that brain to imagine possibilities and your dates will be so much richer

Your imagination is limitless ..use it to good effect to entice others to join in your fantasy date

Think the date through and really get out there and sell it. Remember the purpose is to have a date ... which does not necessarily lead to sex but is an opportunity to get to know someone better

Think Location, Activity, Food and Drink

The Fantasy Date Booth

In the open room :

1       One person will stand in the booth and describe their fantasy date blue font

2       Others will then be asked to bid to go on the date

Keep it sexy but classy!!

Make it erotic but not explicit

The person in the booth will be given 7 minutes to describe their date.

Extra time will be allowed if there is pictures or video shown

Anyone wanting to be in the fantasy date booth will ask an admin to announce it and change their font to Blue

The person in the booth will describe their date (a prepared script will be useful)

An admin will then ask for interest in going on the date

If there is more than one interested then a qualifier will be held . This will either be by the one in the booth asking questions or an auction
For Auction Rules Click Here

The time in the booth will be restricted to 7 minutes for the description of the date

The date will start off in the main room upto the first kiss, when it will then be held in private

Normal room rules apply ......make it fun ...but please keep it respectful and classy


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Lady Anns own locations
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