Lady Anns Special Events Days
Variety is the spice of life!
Wednesdays Is Ladies Day

On this day every week roles are reversed
The men put on blue suits (fonts) and sit on the couch

This is the opportunity for the ladies to make their choice from the men brave enough to sit on the couch

The same means of choosing the winner is used as on the normal days The Rules

This is also the only day that male dancing is allowed in Lady Anns
Open Mic Mondays

On Mondays the mic is thrown open.
Members and guests can speak or play music on this day ONLY as the mic is usually locked down for authorised DJ's

The normal rules of orderly behaviour apply and any abuse will be severely dealt with by reddoting and bouncing

Only on Mondays is there an open mic day when speaking on mic and taking turns at playing tunes is ALLOWED

Body Shots

Fridays is the day for Body Shots.
Midnight Thursday to Midnight Friday EST

Though Bodyshots are allowed any day in Lady Anns. Fridays are dedicated to Body Shots
See here for details

See here for the basics of how to behave in the room