Every Thursday is Dance Day in Lady Anns
Midnight EST to Midnight EST

Dances have been a regular feature of Lady Anns for many years and are very popular with our guests. We have the best dancers in Paltalk.

Dancers can and do dance at any time. Every Thursday more dancers will perform as the focus of the room will be on dancing. All are invited to dance Male or Female

This may be a lap dance, pole dance or other exotic dance
Its also a good day for couples to get on the dance floor and dance together

In the private VIP Lounge dancers will also be giving one-on-one dances


All dancers should report to an admin that they intend to dance

If there are a number of people wanting to dance at any one time the admins will establish and order in which they will be performed

Ask the admin or the DJ to make sure appropriate music is played

The admin will make a room anouncement on the dance: who is dancing, nude or non-nude, and any other limitations

1       No groping or pulling at any of the dancers, they are here for your entertainment and not for you to paw at. We maintain a policy of strictly no hands on the lap dancers.

2       In the open room all women dancers must keep their breasts covered and male and female dancers must keep bottoms and genital area covered in some way.

3       IF a dancer wishes to dance nude, they MUST keep their dancing to within one of the cages about the room

4       The Dance has a time limit of 20 minutes. Most dances will last less than this

5       Further details can be found in the dancer and VIP resources below.

6       Offenders face the possibility of a 24 hour ban.

List of dancers who will offering dances
Being listed here does not mean that the dancer is always available for dances . Also others can offer on the day

sweet treasure's

More Details
The Vip Lounge is situated just off the main room. Click the VIP banner for more details
More details of dance facilities and rules is available . Click the dance
May 2017 highlights: Harold and Robin ..impromptu couple dance, Lady Wolf and Sara, an erotic dance fron LaurenC, a hot dance from Harlequin Harlot, a sexy girl on girl dance by Lauren C and Gabriela , a hot hot dance from Gabriela and Kelleen, 1 great teasing dance from Gabriela, and 4 solo dances by Kelli - sexy and full of energy
Latest Highlights 20 dances and 94 pages this month from, Trisha, xfitnat, an erotic cage dance fron sara, taquisha, a sexy first dances by Lauren C, Dirty, Scarlett and Andrea , 2 great dances from inimitable Gabriela 3, solo dances by Poppy, 2 highly charged dances from kelli with lauren and 4 sexy dances by Kelli
April/ May 2016 highlights: includes Trisha does a birthday dance for TD , 2 sexy belly dances by Scarlett, and hot dances by Dirty with robin , bettena , Kelleen, Scarlett with Gabriela , and Kelli - sexy and full of energy
February/ March 2016 highlights: includes hot dances by dirty with jill, caramel, laura, shannyn ,scarlett , Gabriela, and kelli, plus Sarah cleans up and dont miss Scarlett's body shots...
January 2016 highlights: include a hot dance by Cynammin ,2 great dances from scarlett and dirty and a really hot variety of dances from Gabriela, 4 livley dances from Scarlett, 2 scorching dances from Bettena and 4 energy filled and sexy dances from Kelli
December 2015 highlights: include a hot dance by gabri ,2 sexy dances from sara and a really hot variety of dances from Kelleen, dirty, Heart, Scarlett, a scorching dance kelli and suzanna and 6 energy filled and sexy dances from Kelli
November 2015 highlights: include a hot dance by gabri ,some great teasing from bettena and a really hot assortment of dances from Kelleen, Cynanamin, Heart, Shannyn , Scarlett, Kelli and Poppy .
17 dances during October 2015 (71 pages) including a hot dance from cynnamin, couples dances involving heart and poppy and harold and kelli and scarlett and lia ,and great solo dances from kelleen, poppy, heart , scarlett, Gabriela, and kelli
21 dances during September 2015 (101 pages) including a hot trisha dance, dances from dirty with mike , acouples dance with heart and poppy and garrett and jake ,and great dances from caramel, sara, poppy, heart , scarlett, Kelleen , Gabriela, kelli and Poppy
18 dances during August 2015 (85 pages) including a 50s type hop and dances from dirty, neveah, laura, poppy, Draz , heart , andrea, scarlett, Kelleen , Caramel, Gabriela, and kelli
13 dances during July 2015 (75 pages)dances from trisha, dirty, Draz and Lady Lena Tango, heart and andrea, scarlett, Kelleen , Caramel, Gabriela, and kelli
13 dances during June 2015 (75 pages)dances from Trisha , kaitlyn , heart does an erotic belly dance, Kelleen - great new dancer!, Gabriela, Kelli and Scarlett
30 dances during May 2015 (200 pages) Debuts from pecan, kaitlyn, caramel and Kelleen, and more from trisha, dirty, heart, lia, scarlett, Gabriela, and kelli
15 dances during April 2015: The Hottest dance ever from Trisha , 15 dances from Gabriela, trisha, Scarlett, kelli, and heart
18 dances during March 2015: Gabriela, trisha, Scarlett, dirty, kelli, jill, Kelleen, bleeding heart, andrea, Bee, Draz and Ivan
17 dances during February 2015: Gabriela, Phedre, Scarlette, dirty, kelli, bleeding heart, andrea, Bee, Draz and Webster
22 dances during January 2015: Trisha, Phedre, gabriela, Sabrina, Scarlette, dirty, kelli, sexy kay,natalie, danielle, bleeding heart, and sweet rodeo
18 dances during December 14: night shade, Phedre, gabriela, pecan, treasure, dirty, kelli, and jill
13 dances during November 14: trisha, Ms Sophi, gabriela, rodeo, treasure, dirty, kelli, Lady lena and jill
13 dances during October 14: bettena, gabriela, dirty, kelli and nightshade
14 dances during September 14: trisha, bettena, gabriela, lia, dirty, kelli and nightshade

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