Lady Ann's Exotic Dancers
Classy and Erotic
Rules and Guidelines

Lady Anns has some of the best exotic dancers this side of PalTalk. We expect everyone to give the dancers respect and appreciate their talents and willingness to provide great entertainment for every one in the room.

To ensure dancers are protected and to ensure that everyone in the room enjoys the dancing we have some rules that both the dancers and patrons MUST follow.

Patrons who do not follow the rules will get one warning and there after may be bounced.

Dancers who do not follow the rules will be warned and if it happens repeatedly will be asked to resign.

Remember Lady Anns is a high class respectable place


A- In the open room all women dancers must keep their breasts and bottoms covered in some way.
IF you wish to dance nude, you MUST keep your dancing on stage or within one of the cages about the room.

B- Male dancing is only allowed on Wednesdays - Ladies Day.
All men dancers must keep their bottoms and genitals covered in some way, if you wish to dance nude,you MUST also keep the dancing on the stage or within one of the cages.

C- ALWAYS be respectful! This is your body and your talents you are sharing with the patrons, being nasty or disgusting will not be tollerated.

D- Remember not everyone likes the same thing, always keep in mind that what one might like another might find distasteful.

E- Costumes are encouraged!
Exotic Dancewear
Sexy Women Costumes
Yumdrop Clubwear
Electric Boutique Clubwear
Sripper Clothes

F- If after a dance a dancer wishes to spend time upstairs with a certain patron please let one of the Managers know and it can properly be arranged.


A- BE RESPECTFUL!!!!! This is a must!!!

B- No groping or pulling at any of the dancers, they are here for your entertainment and not for you to pawn at. We maintain a policy of strictly no hands on the lap dancers. Offenders will be red-dotted at first and could be bounced for ignoring warnings.

C- If a dancer wishes to spend time with a patron upstairs after a dance you will be notified by a Manager.

D- Do not assume that if a dancer is dancing in front of you that its your sign she/he wants you upstairs.

E- Have a good time, be respectful, and tip the hard working dancers well!

Dancers are becoming an increasingly important part of Lady Anns

To ensure we keep our dancers I would like all admins to
1. Ask any one who is about to dance to hold off a few minutes so the room can be informed and set up for the dance.
2. Announce a dancer is about to perform and inform all other admins (using the admin whisper facility in the whisper box). All admins should lead by example and concentrate on the dancer. This will encourage the dancers and encourage all room members to join in
3. Ensure the DJ plays appropriate dance music

If a dancer just spontaneously starts dancing thats fine but just have a quiet word and tell them it will be so much better if the atmosphere is properly set-up as above. Sometimes the atmosphere in the room is fine . Other times we as admins need to set up the right atmosphere.

Two are placed either side of the bar. The rest are dotted around the main room

Cage Dancers Videos
Video 1
Video 1
Video 1


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