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Screaming ORGASM
against the wall

shakes Vodka - 1/4 oz, Cream - 1/4 oz., Creme de Banana - 1/4 oz. Amaretto - 1/4 cocktail shaker.....strains into a chilled cocktail glass, and serves the Screaming ORGASM against the wall on a LAB coaster
Vampires Blood

Muddles 4 fresh raspberries, 3 fresh lime wedges, 1 oz black plum purée and ¼ oz simple syrup in pint glass with ice. Adds 2 oz Skyy Infusions raspberry vodka and shakes vigorously. Strains into a gold rimmed coupe glass. Garnishe with lime and raspberry and serves the Vampires Blood on a LAB coaster
LAB Hypnotic

Pours 2 oz Hpnotiq, 1 oz super premium vodka, and a splash of lemon juice into a cocktail shaker filled with ice .. Shakes well..and Strains into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a lit glowstick and serves the LAB Hypnotic on a LAB coaster
Sugar Daddy

Muddles mint leaves in margarita glass & discards. Rim glass with hibiscus syrup & fine sugar Shakes 2.5 oz Gin, 1 oz fresh lime juice, 1 oz Frambois (French for raspberry) liquor, 1/3 oz wild hibiscus syrup ice & strain into glass. Stuffs a Wild Hibiscus Flower with a cherry & sticks a mint tip in the cherry's stem hole & skewers the flower from the bottom up on a short swizle stick. Tear some fresh mint into the glass

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D r a z

$20 - Shots , Beer , Juices , Wine

$50 - Cocktails, Expensive Spirits

$100- Bottles of Sparkling wines

$200- Bottles spirits

Fine Wine and Champagne List


Draught Fosters
Draught Hook Norton Bitter Beer
Efes Pilsen
Corona Extra
San Miguel Pale Pilsen
Miller Lite
Kingfisher Premium Lager
Coors Light


A perfect espresso is always capped by a 5 mm hazel 'crema' , syrupy enough to maintain one teaspoon of white sugar on its surface for 3-4 seconds before it falls through.
an espresso with a dash of milk or froth added to it to soften the flavour. served in a glass or in an espresso cup and is available as a single or double shot.
Long black
A long black is made by topping up a single or double shot of espresso coffee with ? cup of hot water.
an espresso topped up with steamed milk, a good dollop of froth and a dusting of chocolate powder.
Caffé latte
is an espresso shot with steamed milk added. with a 1cm head of foam on the top of the latte. erved in a glass with no chocolate on top.
Flat white
top up an espresso with steamed milk, ensuring just the milk is added, instead of the foam.

Earl Grey gets its citrusy flavor from the essential oil of bergamot (an orange-like fruit) and has a natural sweetness

Assam black tea is known for its robust, malty and sometimes tannic (astringent) flavor.

Darjeeling First Flush is more floral and green in flavor, while
Darjeeling First Flush has a distinctive fruity flavor.

Lapsang Souchong has a strong, smoky flavor

Gunpowder Green Tea has a bold flavor