Body Shots

Every Friday in Lady Anns (all day Midnight to Midnight EST)

Shots can be done any day in Lady Anns
we concentrate on them on Fridays

In one version of the body shot, the person taking the shot holds a shot glass in one hand, or places the shot on the body, while the person giving the shot holds a wedge of lime (or lemon) in his or her mouth. The person taking the shot then licks a body part of his or her choosing on the person giving the shot, sprinkles salt on that body part, and then licks the salt off the body part. The person then drinks the alcohol and then takes the citrus wedge out of the subject's mouth using only his or her mouth.

Another version of the body shot requires licking the partner's body as the shot runs down him or her. In this example, the person having liquor poured on her lies on a table, floor, or any other flat surface, slightly propped up, leaning on an arm perhaps. The person taking the shot positions him or herself around the belt buckle. A third person then pours the shot slowly into the navel of the person lying down, and the person taking the shot must lick or suck the liquor up before it runs into the clothes of the person lying down. This can also be done on the breasts, and with practice, the thighs, or buttocks.
Dress Code
Ladies Minimum coverage : bikini or bra and panties
or Nipple Pasties as shown here
Male Minimum coverage: Shorts or briefs

Respect for both participants is expected at all times
No touching or exposing of genital areas or nipples
Maximum time for each shot is 10 minutes
Normal coverage is required once leaving the Body Shots podium (LAB Robes are available)
Admins are instructed to dot offenders to keep order in the room

Please keep all comments during the shot to complement the shot participants. Any destructive comments or those that could destroy the atmosphere created by the bodyshot will result in the offender being dotted.


.    Volunteers to take a body shot will be sought during the week and the list will be published here (see below) for the current week

.    Once the one taking the shot (receiver) comes to the room she/he will confirm they want to receive body shots

.    If they have some one who they wish to give the body shot that will go ahead first

.    The admin will the ask the reciever if they will take more shots.

.    The room will be asked if any one wants to give a shot to the receiver. If you want to give a shot to the current reciever ask an @admin

.    In the event of more than one coming forward the admin will decide the order.


All Body shots will be done on the specially built stage. Shots , lemons and salt are available at the main bar

Example Body Shots
2 body shots involving Scarlett
cute shot in September 2015 by lilsami with jim aided by gabriela
5 shots in August 2015 by from dirty, caramel, neveah, heart, scarlett, and dancing
5 shots in June 2015 by from Heart, Bee, Gabri, Draz, Harold,Kelleen jill and king
super hot whipped cream shot from scarlett, heart and laura
body shots in April 2015 from scarlett and rachel
body shots in March 2015 from scarlett and rachel
4 shots in February 2015 from Dirty and Bee,and Phedre with Gabriela, Gabriella and Sasha and Scarlett and Laura
4 shots in December 2014 from Dirty and Trisha,and Phedre with andrea, gabriella and Steffanie
Dirty and Trisha hottest shot yet October 2014
Dirty and Trisha hot shot August 2014
Dirty and Getnfit girl july 2014
Shots during June 14
Shots during may14
Scarlett and hanna bodshot 17Apr14
Amazing night of shots including the hottest trisha shot ever 29Mar14
Shots during July 2013
3 way shot ..lucy racheland aishiaa 26th May 2013
Body shots.....dirty and scarlett and Tim 17 May 2013
Trisha and Seph 10th may 2013
bodyshots 2 feb 13, hot 3 way shot -aishiaa, rose and dirty!!
lynnladymm - thom 30-11-12
aishiaa Violet 27-11-12
shots 24-11-12 Kassie and Draz, Violet and Kassie
shots 23-11-12 lilac - Sam and Mythose, maddy - Sam
shots 16-11-12 aishiaa and Thom, violet and Cimitar
rachel andrea 26-10-12
shots 13-10-12ice and sweet; Zona and foreverhanna
shots 28-9-12 Draz and Orchid; pinky and ghost
Pinky and Cool 23-9-12 shots
14-9-12 shots
shots 25-8-12
24-7-12shotsZona on Hanna; Jayson on saphire
holly and sweet 17-7-12
30-6-12shotsAndrea on Hanna; Draz on Sweet; Hanna on Draz
sweet and rachel 24-6-12
Soul and Geek 16-6-12
18-5-12shotsGeek and autumn; Devilangel(Sin) and Draz
11-5-12shotsDraz and violet; Mike and hanna ; Draz and beautiful Geek
27-4-12 holly and Draz; holly and shykajira
6-4-12 shots scarlett/draz, rachel/andrea; indian_evi/ triathelete_j
Hot_holly and dani_rn .... a really hot girl on girl shot
Draz and strawberri wine .... virgin shot for new girl
Draz and Natalie; Garrett and Natalie; and Spit and Hanna
Draz & Lena; Noi & kuhottie; Bob & Kasia; Garrett & Andrea

Others may offer bodyshots when they come to the room

A body shot is a single alcoholic drink .. usually tequilla with its association with salt and lemon ... thats served in a shot glass.

A shooter is an alcoholic mixed drink that contains between 25 ml and 100 ml of two or more spirits. Many shooters also have a non-alcoholic ingredient.[1] They are generally drunk quickly, rather than being sipped.
Shooters can be shaken, stirred, blended, layered, or simply poured. Shot glasses or sherry glasses are the usual drinkware in which shooters are served. They are most commonly served at bars, and some bartenders have their own "signature" shooter.
The ingredients of shooters vary from bartender to bartender and from region to region. Two shooters can have the same name but different ingredients, resulting in two very different tastes.
Recipes here