Lady Ann's Brothel is a Fantasy ROLEPLAY brothel NOT a real one. No money transactions are involved. You can find us on PalTalk under the Adult>Conversation category. Our aim is to stimulate your imaginations in a classy brothel , where both the ladies and the patrons are interacting with each other in a respectful yet sexy and erotic way. Minimum age is 21

For this to be able to happen, certain rules and procedures must be observed. Basically:

(1) No CAM in the room

(2) The MIC is reserved for use by official room-DJs

(3) PMS. Ask the permission of a lady in public in order to chat in private with her.

(4) Profiles are a must. This stops the very tiresome questions of age/sex/ location and gives other members of the room an insight into who you are and what you are looking for. People without profiles are not allowed participate in the room or to compete for the working girls ... she needs some stimulation as well. A good profile with a sexy but not explicit photo will bring you the best experience in the room. Please also read the other guests' profiles before you ask them any questions

(5) NO DRAMA Keep your personal conflicts out of the room. Drama makers will be bounced. All weapons are deactivated or confiscated on entry to the brothel. Fighting of any kind will not be tolerated .Those fighting in the brothel will be bounced and most likely banned!

(6) Fonts Observe the font code as detailed below and NO NEON FONTS

(7) Nudity and explicit sexual acts At all times items of clothing must be worn except dancers in the cages and on stage. Explicit sexual acts are for upstairs only - this is a brothel!

(8) Room Attention As this is an active roleplay room with interaction with others , it is expected all listed room members are paying attention to the room. No parking of ids and definitely No Double rooming Both can result in a booting from the room. If you are absent for short periods let others know with a simple "BRB" or "AFK", please.

The people responsible to see that these rules are followed by everyone, are our Admins. They have an @ sign in front of their ID in the room list. Admins will be able at any time to assist you with any problems you may encounter.

Our working ladies actually on duty and ready to service a patron, are dressed in some shade of blue. So please avoid using blue colors.

Thank you for visiting Lady ann's. Make yourself comfortable and remember.... respect the ladies and staff to get the most out of your visiting experience.

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We have lots of good fun too
May 2017 highlights: Harold and Robin ..impromptu couple dance, Lady Wolf and Sara, an erotic dance fron LaurenC, a hot dance from Harlequin Harlot, a sexy girl on girl dance by Lauren C and Gabriela , a hot hot dance from Gabriela and Kelleen, 1 great teasing dance from Gabriela, and 4 solo dances by Kelli - sexy and full of energy
Latest Highlights 20 dances and 94 pages this month from, Trisha, xfitnat, an erotic cage dance fron sara, taquisha, a sexy first dances by Lauren C, Dirty, Scarlett and Andrea , 2 great dances from inimitable Gabriela 3, solo dances by Poppy, 2 highly charged dances from kelli with lauren and 4 sexy dances by Kelli
April/ May 2016 highlights: includes Trisha does a birthday dance for TD , 2 sexy belly dances by Scarlett, and hot dances by Dirty with robin , bettena , Kelleen, Scarlett with Gabriela , and Kelli - sexy and full of energy
January 2016 highlights: include a hot dance by Cynammin ,2 great dances from scarlett and dirty and a really hot variety of dances from Gabriela, 4 livley dances from Scarlett, 2 scorching dances from Bettena and 4 energy filled and sexy dances from Kelli, plus dont miss trisha making and drink a drink for herself
December 2015 highlights: include a hot dance by gabri ,2 sexy dances from sara and a really hot variety of dances from Kelleen, dirty, Heart, Scarlett, a scorching dance kelli and suzanna and 6 energy filled and sexy dances from Kelli
November 2015 highlights: include a hot dance by gabri ,some great teasing from bettena and a really hot assortment of dances from Kelleen, Cynanamin, Heart, Shannyn , Scarlett, Kelli and Poppy .
October 2015 highlights : the excellent Halloween trivia contest arranged by trisha; 17 dances during October 2015 (71 pages) including a hot dance from cynnamin, couples dances involving heart and poppy and harold and kelli and scarlett and lia ,and great solo dances from kelleen, poppy, heart , scarlett, Gabriela, and kelli; and kissing from Poppy and Ed; Heart and Kelleen, grey, bull and trisha
See the Halloween costume 2015 voting page and result HERE
September 2015 highlights : September's highlights includes 21 dances (101 pages) including a hot trisha dance, dances from dirty with mike , acouples dance with heart and poppy and garrett and jake ,and great dances from caramel, sara, poppy, heart , scarlett, Kelleen , Gabriela, kelli and Poppy plus a cute shot in September 2015 by lilsami with jim aided by gabriela
August 2015 highlights : August's highlights includes 18 dances during August 2015 (85 pages) including a 50s type hop and dances from dirty, neveah, laura, poppy, Draz , heart , andrea, scarlett, Kelleen , Caramel, Gabriela, and kelli : 5 body shots from dirty, caramel, neveah, heart, scarlett, and dancing; and a kiss , plus caremel serving tables
July 2015 highlights : July's highlights includes dances from trisha, dirty, Draz and Lady Lena Tango, heart and andrea, scarlett, Kelleen , Caramel, Gabriela, and kelli (75 pages of erotic dances) and super kiss from kelleen and lia
June 2015 highlights : Junes highlights includes a Super sexy hot Tub Scene starring scarlet,natalie ,heart and sara!!!, dirty and touchdown wrestle in jello, bodyshots from Heart, Bee, Gabri, Draz, Harold,Kelleen jill and king and dances from Trisha , kaitlyn , heart does an erotic belly dance, Kelleen - great new dancer!, Gabriela, Kelli and Scarlett see them all here 105 pages of entertainment
May 2015 highlights : Biggest month ever... 200 pages , 30 dances during May 2015 (200 pages) Debuts from pecan, kaitlyn, caramel and Kelleen, and more from trisha, dirty, heart, lia, scarlett, Gabriela, and kelli plus hot body shot with whipped cream frm scarlett, heart and laura. Don't miss this update
April 2015 highlights : The Hottest dance ever from Trisha , 15 dances from Gabriela, trisha, Scarlett, kelli, bleeding heart, plus Gabriela goes bananas and turn bad cop!!! dont miss this update
Februarys highlights : 17 dances : Gabriela, Phedre, Scarlette, dirty, kelli, bleeding heart, andrea, Bee, Draz and Webster ; 4 shots from Dirty and Bee,and Phedre with Gabriela, Gabriella and Sasha and Scarlett and Laura and 11 kisses with Phedre .......dont miss this hot update
22 dances during January 2015: Trisha, Phedre, gabriela, Sabrina, Scarlette, dirty, kelli, sexy kay,natalie, danielle, bleeding heart, and sweet rodeo

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The rules are designed to make everyones stay enjoyable
New Mud/jello wrestling Great spectacle .... good way to get to know someone!
New Fantasy Date Offer a Date - get to know people
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Dancing Girls Rules for Patrons and Dancers
VIP Room (one on one dancing)
Dance Day (Thursdays)
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Lists and Auctions How Working Girls are won
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The FacilitiesThe Couch
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Pool and Hot Tub
Dance Floor
Trampoline and Mechanical Bull
violet rides the bull 1, 2, 3
Special EventsFridays is Body Shots Day
Thursdays is Dance Day
Wednesday is Ladies Day
Tuesday is kissing day
Mondays: Mud/jello wrestling
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